Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Feel Like Writing

Today I feel like writing and sharing.I started this blog to prove to myself I still have it.Yes I still have MS,but to show to myself even more,that I still have what it takes to make something,something that keeps my mind going and something to PROVE that I still have it in me to make something look different.Since I can't make myself any different that I am,I can make something AT MY SPEED at MY TIME.And you know what I did it.I have learned so much about myself that I knew was still there,I just had to bring it out again.I do believe I was giving up,and some days I feel like I still might slip away,but then I have all of you,not just the ones on here,but to those on FACEBOOK who have stayed and stood with me.And who else to I need to THANK for these,MY 2 DAUGHTERS.At there suggestion I found myself again.I STILL AM SOMEONE,not just THAT person who has MS,but someone who has MS THAT MAKES THINGS AT HER SPEED AT HER TIME.Just anyone could not see this or KNOW what I am saying,it takes someone who has been told something that you knew there had to be something wrong that was taking the STRONG WILLED person I was away.I refused to do that now,at first I had no idea what I was going to do or how,JUST knew there was somehow,someway,that one day I had to find my way to FIGHT MS.SO WHAT I AM SAYING IS TO ALL OF YOU ESPECIALLY MY 2 DAUGHTERS.

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