Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Feel Like Writing

Today I feel like writing and sharing.I started this blog to prove to myself I still have it.Yes I still have MS,but to show to myself even more,that I still have what it takes to make something,something that keeps my mind going and something to PROVE that I still have it in me to make something look different.Since I can't make myself any different that I am,I can make something AT MY SPEED at MY TIME.And you know what I did it.I have learned so much about myself that I knew was still there,I just had to bring it out again.I do believe I was giving up,and some days I feel like I still might slip away,but then I have all of you,not just the ones on here,but to those on FACEBOOK who have stayed and stood with me.And who else to I need to THANK for these,MY 2 DAUGHTERS.At there suggestion I found myself again.I STILL AM SOMEONE,not just THAT person who has MS,but someone who has MS THAT MAKES THINGS AT HER SPEED AT HER TIME.Just anyone could not see this or KNOW what I am saying,it takes someone who has been told something that you knew there had to be something wrong that was taking the STRONG WILLED person I was away.I refused to do that now,at first I had no idea what I was going to do or how,JUST knew there was somehow,someway,that one day I had to find my way to FIGHT MS.SO WHAT I AM SAYING IS TO ALL OF YOU ESPECIALLY MY 2 DAUGHTERS.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

More Than

It has been more than a week since I was here.I have had a great weekend so far,my daughter and her family are visiting from out of state.We gave her and the baby a baby shower/reception.And tonight my 3 of four granddaughters decided to stay here,which I love.As they sleep I pray and wonder that they DO NOT have to endear any of the obstacles that I have dad to try to beat.They are sleeping so nice and I pray their little souls have a good life.Not to have EVERYTHING,but they do not have to live like someone with a disease.That in their years to come that they NEVER ever has someone that can be such to let someone suck your life dry like their life like someone did mine. Hang Tight,Please SMILE

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Lot Can Happen

Since last I did visit I became a grandmother again,yes my 6th and 2nd grandson.We are all so happy here.I spent almost 4 weeks with my daughter and family,and I have to say it was very nice,and I miss them now.I got to walk everyday with my granddaughter,and some days with the family when my daughter felt up to it.I love it where they live and it is very helpful for me there.There are no Hills to have to climb and I really know it did help walking with this MS. At this time I am preparing for putting up my Christmas Tree,or Trees,depends.And yes I am home to see them all the time and I do love them.I also am preparing for a Baby Shower/Reception for the new grandson in a couple of weeks.I have cut Polka Dots till all I see is Polka Dots,lololol.but it is well worth it. I made a couple of neat aprons for gifts and got a couple of more to make before Christmas,I love aprons and always have.My little "mamaw" wore them from sun up to sun down unless she left the house.I have got a couple of other little items ahead I need to finish.I had been needle tatting while I was at my daughters' and after Christmas I feel like I should not give up and try more.So I guess I am already making my New Year's Resolution. Maybe I will be back on here again sooner,who knows.It is however I feel the urge to write some more.Keep SMILING

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Troubling times

Last month I found a "Lump" in my right breast.I had already went for my 6 months check up and with our insurance changing and a $3,000 deductible I owe the entire amount,which with me buying my meds now out of pocket and paying bills here my little check isn't doing it.I canceled my doctors appt for today on Monday for the check up of my findings.When our insurance changed they sent my husband a Visa card for $600 to be used before Jan. 2014 for any payments to a doctor.He doesn't go till after which time he will receive another Visa for $600.I have NEVER lived a life where anything was done just for me if I didn't do it.What I am trying to say,finally the husband is tired of me.Who cares if it is or isn't anything.i am not to bother him,he has enough on him,lolololol SO Living with MS does take it tolls on marriages,relationships etc.I should not be surprised,when I was involved in an auto accident Christmas 2002 and had to have Cervical Fusion Surgery he didn't show,lolololol wow I am really stupid,no I am really scared.Please people if you do read this don't live your life in fear that I have for so long and knew deep down this day will come,just take the first step and don't wait for someone to tell you that don't give a (flip),not the word used,you get the idea.Please don't live your lives like mine,WE ARE ALL SO WORTH MUCH MORE.I am not sure if this will be my last blog or keep doing this,guess it depends.

Monday, September 23, 2013

As Promised

I am trying to do this once a week,but I am going to go out of town to my daughters',she is very very much prego,and I plan on being with her at his birth,been with all the other 5 and no.6 is going to have his "mamaw" there also. I have been busy trying to keep my mind from giving in to the loss of our friend.I have made an owl puppet for my 2 yr old granddaughter,a owl pillow for one of my 9 yr old granddaughter,and working on apron,yes aprons.It is something that I have found that you can jazz up and I know that one daughter has already said she wanted one,so Christmas will be the giving of aprons for gifts.Have been making orange tobaggans to wear,but now I need to make 2 more I haven't found any orange yarn,so I am not sure what to do,I have one more store,BEN FRANKLINS to see if they have any. With it being the Fall Season,I love the colors,they can be a burst of color.And we live here in North East TN. which with all the RAIN we had this summer forecast is for a Burst of fabulous Fall Colors. Rem always SMILE,be RESPECTFUL,and never ever pass Judgement,I am so and I have a REASON,just remember it might just be me trudging down that aisle and lucky to get out,and pray you never end up like this.Rem. the American Red Cross.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We Never Ever Know

I have been saddened by an accident that didn't have to happen that took the life of a good friend.He leaves behind a wife and 3 sons,THEY him,his wife and one son were hit head on by someone going at a very high rate of speed head on.This reminds me we should all BE NICE TO EACH OTHER.I try to and anymore it seems like EVERYONE THINK we should kiss their asses and let them run over us.Sorry if you think this a little to much but when you are fighting a DISEASE and THEN YOU LOOSE someone whose death was not that at their own doings by a selfish act of someone else,well I have this right at this time to say ASSES.WE ALL NEED TO SAY THANK YOU,YOUR ARE WELCOME,SAY EXCUSE ME,OPEN A DOOR JUST BE FREAKING NICE TO EVERYONE ONCE AGAIN.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Been Awhile Again

I have been busy with the Facebook page and it is at times more than I can handle.I still try to do as much as I can,I refuse to give in to this MS mess.On the outside we may look fine,but on the inside we are more than anything that.I was busy with the flowers this year,and with all the rain we had my daisies did nothing,and I was disappointed,since I planted more in the tire I painted yellow.I still do needle tatting from time to time,just can't seem to get into that right now.Been busy making Buntings for the new grandson due in October.The last one I did was like the one on Pinterest that looks like a pumpkin with the little toboggan hat that looks like the top of a pumpkin. We have been busy this summer also with the grandchildren.We have been visiting the one that lives out of state,that I miss dearly,and then the other 4 keeps us on our toes.But it maybe another few months till I am back on here but please be sure to visit us at Facebook, LIFE CAN BE SIMPLE.