Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Lot Can Happen

Since last I did visit I became a grandmother again,yes my 6th and 2nd grandson.We are all so happy here.I spent almost 4 weeks with my daughter and family,and I have to say it was very nice,and I miss them now.I got to walk everyday with my granddaughter,and some days with the family when my daughter felt up to it.I love it where they live and it is very helpful for me there.There are no Hills to have to climb and I really know it did help walking with this MS. At this time I am preparing for putting up my Christmas Tree,or Trees,depends.And yes I am home to see them all the time and I do love them.I also am preparing for a Baby Shower/Reception for the new grandson in a couple of weeks.I have cut Polka Dots till all I see is Polka Dots,lololol.but it is well worth it. I made a couple of neat aprons for gifts and got a couple of more to make before Christmas,I love aprons and always have.My little "mamaw" wore them from sun up to sun down unless she left the house.I have got a couple of other little items ahead I need to finish.I had been needle tatting while I was at my daughters' and after Christmas I feel like I should not give up and try more.So I guess I am already making my New Year's Resolution. Maybe I will be back on here again sooner,who knows.It is however I feel the urge to write some more.Keep SMILING

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