Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Nice Day

I could live in the 50's every morning,and today in the low 80s but come Thursday and Friday "The Heat" will be back,one channel is saying  103 for Friday,and we are in need of RAIN.I feel like by the weekend there will be a ban on Fireworks,and I can't blame them if they do,even thou I love fireworks.
Got my granddaughters' headbands complete,so she can take them when she moves Friday.A bad all around  for me,with her moving out of state.But she isn't that far away that "mamaw" can't go see her for a weekend once in a while.
Got to pick the Blackberries today and tomorrow,since I do feel like I can and the weather is working with  me,picked a few the other day,going to make me some flavored water with them and some added mint,have a picture of a few from the other day.
I have a pair of earring needle tatted done,going to make my daughter another pair before she leaves also.Then this weekend with the heat on and the hubby working,and daughter and granddaughter gone I have alot of items to do and make.My best friend from high school and more like a sister I never had want  find a craft sale to set up in the fall,if possible.Plus most of my Christmas is going to be hand-made.
I have little cucumbers on the vine and zuchinni also,my summer squash isn't doing as well,I have to keep ALL of them water,so hoping it would rain here from TS Debby but she will be making either a left turn we think at this point,so no rain for us.
I hope everyone has a very Blessed Day,I am going to try very hard,and remember to SMILE,it is contagious.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Part 2

I read another blog where she put make alot of homemade decorations for parties,and with 4 granddaughters almost all the same age we had to use these ideas alot in the past 10 years. 1) Make beautiful paper flowers out of crepe paper,have alot of bright and beautiful colors to make them. 2) Make you own Pinata,take a balloon and inflate it,make your paste as below states:
  1. Make your paste. In a pot/pan mix 1 third flour with 2 thirds water. The paste should just begin to thicken. (You can also use starch.)boil the mixture (keep stirring so it does not stick to walls.) add a pinch of salt.Once it gets a putty form its done.
And tear strips of paper and soak them in the above paste and wrap around the ballon.,and if you want a shape decide before hand what it is to be.And then when dried glue colorful Crepe paper over the dried newspaper and the fill the pinata with candy and glue paper over the hole where candy was added. And this is a really great cheaper way to make one,like I said we have done this numerous of times.And use color balloons to match the rest of you decorations and streamers,and if you are crafty enough you can cut gently,designs in the crepe paper.And now you have  brightly, cheaper party decorations.Like I said WE have done this numerous of times.

2 parts today,Part 1

I have alot to write about today,for one yesterday was a GOOD day for me,got out went thrift store and antique shopping,loved it,went to Strutt Ruttin,where trucks try to make it from one end of a mud pit to the other,and yes they do throw mud.I loved it and so Thankful for yesterday.I may not do anything today,but I have such great memories today,and HOPE for more tomorrows like yesterday was.
We had blessed rain Friday evening and night,but more HOT temps this week,99 by Friday,to this is going to be a catch up week for everything I really need to catch up on.Started on a headband last night late,was so hyped up I could not sleep.And I got another smaller American Flag Tapestry to finish at the Antique Shop,so I plan on completing it tonight.I bought one Christmas Gift there also yesterday,yes I know it is only June,but we always try to be finished by Halloween as much as possible anyway.
My daughter is moving out of state this week and it is a good thing I have so much to do,my granddaughter has lived with us since she was 4,and will be 8 next month,so I will be so unhappy seeing her go,having her around everyday has so much helped me also live with my MS.And I can't let it slow me down now.
So here is part 1 of today's blog.And remember to SMILE,because I am really going to need to see smiles this week.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Glads and Vegetables in my Flower Garden

Friday and Rain,Great Rain

Another week has came and gone,and with it not much to say about it.I have  been creating with my needle tatting,no sewing,but I have got to get busy with that.
It has rained,beautiful wonderful rain.We will need more but right now my vegetables will take all they can get.Picked a few Blackberries,the dry weather has not helped them either,there are alot  to pick when they do all ripen.Have a little cucumber on my plant and the zuchinni and yellow squash  are doing good.Our tomatoes need the rain,we have small ones making and hopefully the rain will help them also.
I plan on getting out tomorrow for awhile,it is to be HOT again so I can't stand it for long periods at a time,so that means getting to browse more at my favorite shop,the Haggle Shop here at our local downtown.Hopefully new upholstery pieces will be available,even Christmas,something to have already made for the season.I have a new grandbaby due in Dec-Jan,somewhere around the New Year,and with it being my daughter's fourth,most likely around Christmas.So I have considered all that will need to be done by Thanksgiving and that has me worried,because I am slow,lololo.
But hope everyone enjoys THEIR weekend,I sure am going to try.And remember to SMILE ) it does get catchy.Hugs and Smiles to ALL for a Safe and Great Weekend!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just Wondering and Jack Osborne

I read a post of a fellow blogger,and she stated that she felt sorry  for Bloggers who try to Blog and can't.I hope and I am afraid I am one she might had been referring too.If I bore you or whatever please please leave me a comment and I will try to do better,and I really am considering stopping.
I have not been to busy,it is hot,and the heat when I go out makes me YUK.I really do need  to finish the quilt I have started,but can't get my heart into it.I have got to finish the doily I have started,and I really need to do some cleaning but yuk.lololo But I have had some LIFE Situations that cannot be helped but just trying to deal with,and that is why I can't get motivated.WE NEVER know what Curve Balls will be thrown at us do we.
I also have to comment about Jack Osborne being diagnosed also with MS.I so hate it for ANYONE who is diagnosed with any disease,and Rich or Poor we are all the same,and people should not make comments just because he is well-known,just think what they are going through also.We all Should BE NICE,and not make Negative Comments,be kind and not inhuman about anyone.
Well with that I am through,except to say I really wished I knew a Rain-Dance,my flowers are doing good with me watering them everyday,we so need rain,and for my few vegetables I have planted.
Hope Everyone has a Blessed Day,and please I know all to well how hard it can be to smile,but try it,you might just make someone else smile, )

Monday, June 18, 2012

view from Sunroom,and my Helper

New Week

I hope the start of a new week finds everyone doing ok.It is going to be warm here again,and with the warmer and wetter winter and start of spring,now it is hot and dry.Having to water the flowers and vegetables I have planted.I don't like having to do that,our water quality here is anything but good.
Hope that Father's out there had a better weekend than my husband,WORKED both days,he did get to spend Sunday Lunch with his daughters.So much time has went before us,and we can't get that back,it is terrible that people have to work day and night(fortunate to have one).
I haven't got much work on any project with all the kids around,and we did go to a surprise Birthday Party for a brother,he is  the big 5-0 now,lololo.
I checked my email,and that is something new for me to do first,lolo.but I saw the automatic jam and jelly maker,by PAULA DEEN ,I am going to check this out.I have Tame and Wild Blackberries to preserve in a few days and have already been looking for some new recipes to try and having something like that would come in handy,even now and when apples come in.
And yesterday my oldest granddaughter asks if I would make her a Purple Peace Sign quilt,every quilt I start  she asks for, love her heart.So  now I know what her Christmas Present is going to be.And her sister loves fleece,so I will just purchase 2 different designs and tie her a blanket,something girly.
So I hope and pray everyone has a great week ahead.I think mine is going to be better than it has been in the    past few.Stay hopeful,if I can so can you,and remember to SMILE if I can so can you.
And remember also find something good that can you make,it can be anything,but remember to search,look and find.

Friday, June 15, 2012

a headband and quilting project

A headband I needle tatted and quilt project working on


With this Sunday being Father's Day I live with the biggest PROCASTATINATOR,everything and I mean everything can be put off till tommorrow,I guess that is another reason I have had to be such a Fighter.I don't mean he is a mean person,and for the most part he is lazy when it comes and has in the past about anything that has to do with home.He has a one track mind and I think that is another issue he needed to address a LONG time ago.He provided for his children,at his speed and time,and also spent time with us at his time and opportunity. I guess what I am asking for anyone who reads this and is a dad,PLEASE do not be like this to your Children.
And with that I have worked a little with my newest quilting project,got lots more to do and with everything that has happened I have really worked pretty good on it,plus almost tatting a new doily this week also.
I hope EVERYONE and DAD please get out and enjoy time with YOUR children,don't put off another day with them,you will never get this time back.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Fall Mum Blooming early and others

When The Tough Get Going

I have had a rough couple of nights,and days,but I have been trying to work through all of this.No ONE can explain how MS treats someone or explain HOW Each ONE is different one day to the next. I decided once again to FIGHT and FIGHT hard,got some quilt squares cut and have been quilting them,to then sew together once I finish them,I have found this easier for me to do at the time,hey whatever works" Do It". I worked one entire night trying to make "Chandelier" earrings using the needle tatting way,finally got a pair made also this week.I watched a new video of someone on You-tube and She really helped me alot,found alot  more tips that others.
And with the much warmer Spring weather than normal,flowers, shrubs and everything is doing great.But will be back on here more again,if just for myself to channel and work through this time,so hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Been Awhile But Great Interaction

It has been awhile,and I hope that if anyone does read mine,please know it was just alot going on.
We had a good Memorial Day Weekend at the Great Smoky Mtns,A great place to get away to,even thou I do miss the beach more.But we did stay in a rustic cabin in a campground,and I did love that.I miss the interaction you have at a campground that you do not have in a Condo.So I am thinking we have found our love again,meeting and actually TALKING to humans,not just say going up,going down,or have a nice day.We need,ALL of us interaction with PEOPLE.And the campground there in Pigeon Forge TN,at Eagles Nest was awesome.One of the campers one night had a fish fry and made Cheesy Grits,oh my goodness,my 14 month old granddaughter and myself cleaned our plate,so delicious,and the fish was great also.This is what I mean when WE ALL NEED TO INTERACT AGAIN.And one cabin beside of us had kids my granddaughters age and they actually played in the yard between us,yes they PLAYED.And the group on the other side had giggly teen age girls,and it was crazy the way they played tricks on each other.Again they got OUT and INTERACTED with each other and us.They swam in the pool,they took walks,and played on the playground,plus we went to the top of the Mountain.
Haven't really done much in the way of making anything,just a few items,but got to get busy,you guys have got to give the PUSH again.
Hope everyone has had a great week and week ahead.Rem. the American Red Cross,they are a awesome group.