Thursday, October 25, 2012

Back to It,Even if you don't

Yesterday had some Trials and Tribulations.Took one of my granddaughters' to the doc.Then she spilled Cranberry Juice love her heart.But before I took her to the doc I made tea-dyed snowmen.They are made from my white chenile bedspread the kiddies got playdough on and it dried without them telling me,lolol so like me I found another use for it. Today is to be another beautiful day before the COLD weather hits us this weekend.So I really need to cut out more snowmen so I can tea-dye them and hang out to dry.I just took some cord and strung it out on the deck after I took them out of the tea water.I used 5 tea-bags to a cup of BOILING WATER. and had enough to do 5 snowmen or 10 pieces.Worked out really good I think,but I still like the white ones I made also,so thinking of making half tea-dyed and half the regular way.My youngest daughter likes the "Primitive" so may just make enough for her and her sister to share. Everyone have a great day,enjoy if the weather hasn't changed where you are at 5 TEABAGS (this was all I had at the time) 1 CUP of Boiling Water.Just made sure the snowmen were completely saturated.Squeezed out excessive(by doing this I knew if the needed soaking again or not). Hang to dry. I used Brown Beads for the eyes,Black Beads for the Buttons,and a Orange Bead for the nose. .

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My finds from a weekend visit to my Favorite Antique Shop,I have several old Recipe Books,and this one is copyright 1940,and the plates were a $1.00 Each,use like they are or place doilies on them and use as serving plates.

Been Awhile

Once again I did come back to see if anyone will read this.I have tried so to make attention that WE are still ALIVE just because we have a disease such as Multiple Sclerosis doesn't mean a death sentence.We can still strive to survive.And I know that many of you have more symptoms than myself,but WE have to fight,find and defeat this disease.I must not be doing a good job of trying to find a fight in anyone who lives with a dibiletating disease. I will am putting some pics on here to show that there is a world out there,and we must see it,for myself I know I want to see ALL that is there to SEE,while I can.
And with EVERYTHING THERE IS A BATTLE,it depends on how we CLIMB that Mountain,we can struggle or we can make and do whatever is the easiest way to go.But WE HAVE TO CLIMB TO SEE WHAT CAN BE FOR US.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Thought About It

I have thought about giving up on this blog so much this week,I really don't think anyone cares that PEOPLE REALLY EXIST WITH MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS.But WE DO.I was hoping to bring this to ATTENTION of those who do not have any idea what LIVING WITH MS can be like,but I really don't think the majority of you do NOT CARE. I continue to do things as I can,I have learned to needle TAT,LOOM KNITTING,I love to redo furniture as I can when I can,takes awhile,but I DO TRY.I have been taking photos of what the climate is changing from Summer to Fall,but I really don't think anyone cares either.I am not on a pity party,I really think that those of US who live with MS have no chance in HECK getting it across to those who don't suffer and don't want to know about it.I am adding a picture I took while I was sitting in the Van at Lowes waiting on my husband,because I could not at the time walk in there and around the store,yes people we really can't get out like the normal Joe can.I am having a good morning and I just feel like I need to get across to more of you and I really don't know how. I really hope all of you get out and enjoy your weekend and while you do think about those of us who have a dilibilating disease that have to spend their days sitting at home or sitting in a care,yes you.
And this is just one of the items I have made this week,I knitted this cover for a candy bowl for Christmas.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Saw something similar to this at the antique store over the weekend,it is a quilted picture frame,that I added needle tatting,beads and a lace bow,with lace glued around the frame itself,an easy Vintage look

Thank Goodness

Sunday I had my doubts,but it has already been a better week.Not only was my MS trying to make a entrance I came down with the "CRUD".I started taking Allergy meds last week,and then Mussinex,and I do not like that stuff,but it has helped.My pharmasict told me once not to take Allery meds that his mom has MS and it makes it worse,but I have had to take something,and now I do feel like I am on my way to getting rid of the "CRUD". We are in "FALL" mode now also,we have had rain now for 2 days,and our temps are to and have already made changes.I am so ready but then I am not.Got alot of stuff to do and I have no time for feeling bad,too bad to not to one project aday.I think with everything going on it stressed me out and I got the "CRUD" lololol.I have a Baby Shower to get ready for in November,then the Holidays.Then the Birth of our 5th granchild,our 5th,this one is a grandson after 4 granddaughters.I have got gift to make,oh my. But I went Saturday to the antique that is on one story,and found one idea and made it yesterday.Many others to make but I will make it,with HIS Strength and push and everyone else I believe and have to believe I will make it. So hope everyone finds something also to make,it doesn't have to be huge,and if it isn't prefect it already is,something you made and that always makes it perfect,made with love.So remember to always SMILE,it really does help people like me,makes us feel better deep within. )