Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Cucumber plant with Dill

I just realized today that this was together.We will have Pickles this fall,lololo

Been Busy

I have caught on few things this week,almost got my granddaughter's jewelry box done,got to get felt  to put inside,made a couple of necklace and earrings for her to put in it for her Birthday also.Got my daughter's tapestry sewn on the pole for her to put in her Living Room,total cost a whole $5.00 counting the ribbon I bought to use to make the hanger part with.Made a couple of headbands for the granddaughters from a $1.99 bag of ribbons from my favorite Craft store,HOBBY LOBBY.I will be able to make 10 or more from that bag,even had elastic in it to make them stretchy.
Since last I was on here I have found out I am to be a Grandmother again,No. 5.lololo yes we are excited and pray that all goes well for my daughter and baby,she had toxemia with her first daughter and her Blood Pressure has a tendency to go up,way up.But GOD is in control.
And last I am getting away for the weekend,and can't wait,staying in a cabin at the mountains,prefer a beach  house close to Charleston SC,but maybe in the fall.
I hope all have a very good rest of the week,and remember"No Matter How HARD It May Be,SMILE" because you are loved, )

Monday, May 21, 2012

Never Know Why

It has been a good couple of days,went to my favorite stores here in our town,and I do hope and wish more People would buy local,mine is the Antique Stores we have here,made in AMERICA,and love Vintage.I guess  you can see I am a "Antique Store Junkie".But that's alright better than alot of other things.
And I am very Thankful for Everyday I have good,in fact VERY VERY Thankful for them.We can ask ourselves "Why We Are Dealt The Hand We Are Dealt",but what we must do is be Thankful for any good day,no matter WHO you are.
In the last couple of months I have found myself to be ALOT more Mellow than I use to be,must be an age think,but I have to take care of myself and be here for my granddaughters.I told one of my daughters a little while ago,"I never thought when I was 32 that I would be in the position I am in at 52."I just thought my husband and I would enjoy life in our 50's and 60's but hey we can't question why,we just have to accept what is and go forth from that.
I went to Hobby Lobby and spent a gift card I got for Mother's Day eagerly,lololo but I sure do need to get some items made before I go and buy anything else,so this week I will eagerly be busy. I hope all are eagerly as busy as I hope to be.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Watched it build up right over us

Was sitting outside Thursday evening and watched a storm build right over us,we didn't get anything from it,but some our neighboring towns  got over 2 inches of rain


I have had such a good weekend.Went down to our Main Street through town and enjoyed another night of Blue Grass last night,they were so good.Got to see the lady where I get most of my fabric again,she was sitting out front of her store listening to the great music.Isn't it great you get to know someone and enjoy the matter of living.
Went downtown again today to the Library,took the girlies with us and got books and pamplet stating their Summer Activites to take them too.Not just because I have a daughter who is a teacher,and one who is very artistic,I encourage and always have to ace in reading.
Then we went to another favorite of mine,another Antique Shop and got upholstery pieces.One a wall hanging,the American Flag,A Butterfly for my granddaughter's room and myself a Table Runner for my Dining Room Table,something I can use with placemats I already have,got lucky.And my oldest granddaughter was like "kid in a toy store",we have always said she has an "old Soul",she loves it.Picked out somethings for her birthday,thank goodness.
And I have needle tatted a necklace and earrings for my oldest granddaughter's birthday in a few days.She has seen it and has no idea,love her she is so easy to buy and make for.
But  hope eveyone had a Great Weekend and enjoy a nice peaceful,relaxing Sunday!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Found It Funny

Yesterday was a good day,went to a couple Thrift Stores,yes the best place ever,and found picture frames,one was brand new,and with granddaughters you gotta have alot of frames.Went to one of my favorite Antique Stores, got a RED bowl to go with my table and other Red items in my kitchen and of course some great Fabric pieces again.
Then this morning went with my daughter to get the piece for the dryer,whoppeeee,but wasn't too bad going to laundry mat or hanging clothes out on the line,esp. bed linens,so nice to crawl into a fresh clean sheet set that was hung out on the line.But the picture caught her eye,we laughed and the sign is still out there,hope you get a laugh out of it,we did.   ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


A poet wrote: “To the weak, difficulty is a closed door. To the strong, however, it is a door waiting to be opened.” Difficulties impede the progress of those who are weak. For the strong, however, they are an opportunity to open wide the doors to a bright future. Everything is determined by our attitude, by our resolve.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rhubarb and Strawberry Pies

Yesterday evening I decided to cook the rhubarb we have in my flower garden,yes in my flower garden and it has done great again.After I cooked it,cooled it ended up in a lb container for overnight.I finished it off today,reheating the rhubarb and adding a cup of strawberries,few drops of lemon juice and then a tbs. or so of Strawberry gelatin and of course Sugar,enough for taste,and between the lemon juice and sugar both take the Tang of the  Rhubarb.Place another cup full or so of Strawberries in the bottom of the Pie Shell.All together for 2 Pies I used 2 lb of Strawberries.I looked at a couple of Recipes again and came up with my own I guess you could say.We grew up with Strawberry and Rhubarb pies,and tried to remember how my mom fixed them.So now all we have to do it add the Cool Whip.Hope everyone has tried or will at least try Strawberry and Rhubarb Pies once.

And with this I hope everyone has a Wonderful Tuesday and enjoy Living!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Good Busy Morning

Up early,got a great package this am,my 13 month old granddaughter until her dad gets her,and trust me she was a wonderful sight this morning.And have my granddaughter with me home today,Teacher's Inservice,and it is  a rainy morning,but she is on her mom's Kendall.
Last evening my daughters went out with their daughters to see a movies,so I saw something yesterday at the Antique store that caught my eye,a pillow,yes a pillow.So I got out some vintage  Linen napkins I had bought a few weeks back( .50) at another one and yards of lace for I think a $1.00 ,and 10 yards of Domestic for $1.00,and my mind went to work and thought I can make one like that,only with the vintage Linen napkins instead of regular material,and it had lace in it also.It was $10. and I knew mine could only be for pennies.So yes I went to work while they were gone,and the I had the baby who took a nap,and I hit the ole sewing machine.The pillow is in the back ground of the picture with the supplies in front.I hope you guys like it.
And hope you enjoy Monday,ours is very very wet,with Rain all day,so when daddy gets the baby I will be busy making 3 more.So Happy Monday and remember to SMILE,even thou it is Monday and even thou it's raining here got lots to do.

And hope you enjoyed the new addition to our family,the Raggedy Ann on the right of the picture.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

TOO Much,lolo

Friday wasn't enough for my family,yesterday I went to our local Farmer's Market,and then to the Discount Chain Store,that I truly do not like to shop,too much area to cover,but I ended up sitting on a bench waiting for my daughter.
I got some fabulous bedding plants from the local Farmer's Market.Very healthy and full of bloom.I planted them in a plastic container we used for a fountain for a couple of years.And it has made an excellent one.Made a couple of pair of earrings for my daughters' this weekend for Mother's Day and they seemed to love them.Hopefully will make more to sell at a Craft Fair a friend of mine can do this Fall.
But HOPE Each of you have had a Great Mother's day Weekend and remember SMILE!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Have to Share

I try to stay positive,and the last few weeks have been rough,but we will not cross that road  now,but anyway my family got me to go out  to dinner with live entertainment and then we went to a live street band concert.It all was great,UNTIL I ran into one of my old friends from my work days.People like I said the other day can be so uneducated about a disease,and I let her make me feel so bad,because I  can no longer work.Well having MS and having spinal cord injury from an auto accident(the idiot passed my husband in a curve on a 2 lane highway and  not knowing I had to stop for another accident at an excessive speed).But anyway my daughter told me that people like that have NO IDEA and not to let that stop me from getting back out again,but well butt,lololo Why can't people just leave their big mouths shut???? Sorry had to vent.

My Lillies and Shasta Daisies

Mother's Day

I know that Sunday is Mother's Day,and even thou my real mom is still alive,and thankful for that,I still had 2 mothers that are in Heaven and I miss them so very much.One was a Paternal Aunt and one was a Maternal  Aunt whom I just lost last May.I stayed with her almost everyday from December 18 2010 till day and night from April  till May when we lost her last year.My other aunt stayed with us alot  while my brothers and me were growing up.And we stayed alot with my aunt that I lost last year.Anyone can be a mom and then there are  TRUE BLUE Mothers I  call them,and yes I had 3.I have a flower basket pieces of a quilt to make that my aunt gave me last year to finish.I can't do it yet,and even thou I speak of them today on here my heart aches from the loss and I do know they are better off where they are,I still can' help but miss them.I know she wants me to start and finish it and maybe I will after this weekend.I told one of my daughters' this morning I want to sew something so maybe she is pushing me to.And I know that my other aunt is the one who pushed me into tatting,she could needlepoint anything.
And I got out today,YEAH,lololo went to Hobby Lobby this morning,got thread,more beads,and a paper mache box actually a jewelry box and scrap book paper to make my oldest granddaughter for her birthday the first of June.And of course Mother's Day gifts.I do believe I walked the entire store and was ready to sit down when we left.And when I find my cord for the camera I have pics to put on here,me and that cord do not get along,hahaha.
But I do hope that EVERYONE has a great Mother's Day,and remember if you had a Great Aunt as good and lucky as I was remember her this Mother's Day also,I just bet you will get a big SMILE and HUG.And what more could anyone ask for.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Busy and Down

Have been sort of busy,for me normally.Nothing really,  just seem to not find a way to find something finished that I start.My mother's birthday was Monday,made her the doily,my second and last for awhile.Been working on trying to start on tatted earrings for my daughters for Mother's day.Made a quilted table runner finally,and just trying to figure out how to get one thing done to get started on the 2nd.Any suggestions??? School on the last few days,more to do,will have my granddaughter home more,which is ever so fine to me,love her company.Life seems to be pretty simple if I can just get my timing on the right schedule,think it is just that I want to escape from town and really pretty much need to.Got a cabin reserved for Memorial Day Weekend and that can't be soon enough.
Pretty much over my fall,the bruise on my arm still looks pretty wicked,but the finger and knee are almost healed,got to get the ole cane out again,even thou people give you that look,sure what's your problem.And really it is a disgusting look sometime.I know that there are alot of well lets say UNEDUCATED people who have no idea what MS is and causes,but will leave that for that for now.

And remember the American Red Cross with all the tornadoes and all.And most of all SMILE.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Weekend

Well  it is a start of another week,and it is so pretty here.The weekend brought visitors from Atlanta Georgia,my granddaughters' other grandfather and uncle.And she had a great weekend  with them,and I was happy to see them knowing how she feels about him since loosing her Nana earlier this year,and it really seemed to help him also.I again never really got much accomplished,still recovering from my wicked fall,and still   very sore.And now my finger hurts worse since the swelling is going out of it.
I did get started on a quilted table runner.And I have got to get out this afternoon because it is my mothers' 72nd birthday.I had all intention of getting the table runner ready for her birthday but with company I don't think  so.
And with company this weekend it made me miss  Nana Pat,we had such good times when we got together.We would laugh, cry and then laugh more for crying.But I do miss her so much and miss having visitors like we use to.It was all worth it now,and I even knew it back when.It is a shame that we NEVER  have to enjoy company and take the time now,but with the loss of loved ones that usually happens.And Nana Pat miss you again,I know they wanted to come and see little Ms Lil  before the next weekend being Mother's Day.
Got to get busy for the next weekend if at all possible,got to get a dryer,since mine has also expired.And with whatever you have this week,be it working,crafting,or hopefully enjoying LIFE,remember to stop and smell the flowers and then Smile!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

If Anyone Has MS_____

If anyone has MS knows that falling is a fact of life,well I did that just last night,and hard.I tried to catch myself with the Dining Room Table,big MISTAKE,have a nice deep bruise on my left arm,cuts and a sprained finger on my right,and knee,well it is cut and swollen.TODAY I did nothing,and I mean nothing.I have got so much to do for Mothers' Day,and my mom's birthday is Monday,so I have got to feel better.I have a doily only half made,which is better than half not,lololo so I have got to get my right hand going at some point this weekend.But I have got my Facebook page up and going finally.I had thought and thought and figured I would finally,I am so tired of Facebook,but if I can get more help I will and hope I do.I want to keep a POSITIVE ATTITUDE with all this and even with the set back last night I know I will get busy.I have got Sachet bags to make from burlap and quilting material,earrings to make,but I know I can do it,I have as my husband says,"the BIG MAN" upstairs behind me and to guide me.My flowers are doing so good,and yes I talk to them.So HOPE and PRAY all have a great weekend I plan to make pics and put on here what I get done this weekend.And Remember the AMERICAN RED CROSS,they really need it this time of year,and Rem. if I can still SMILE after being down you can too. )

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


My dryer has been dying on me for a couple of weeks,and if anyone has a husband like mine who I now know is either STONE Deaf,or doesn't want to hear,but it would sound like a space rocket going out into space,well no longer does it.I think we can lay it to rest.But that isn't all,I was doing my second load with 2 more to go,and  yelp she went,and I went,outside to HANG 4 LOADS of laundry.And I will NOT do that again,tonight is utter exhaustion.But the wonderful part was today was HIS DAY OFF,oh aren't we lucky.So really I am not sure if he just don't care or don't hear,either way this is all I have to say today.So good-night all,I will drag on here MAYBE tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nothing New

Today was a very to normal day for me.The only task I did was to cut a "new" shirt for a granddaughter to wear to a school program this week.Yes had to cut a new shirt up,it is a country-western themed program so the only "plaid" top was in the Ladies section,size small.I cut 5 inches or more off the bottom so she could wear another top under it and roll the "new" one up at the bottom,so yes school systems you are not the only one who had work to do,plus she knew "mamaw" could make it better for the program.We make alot of Halloween costumes and have made other outfits for other programs work better.
Yesterday evening I did some "Cleaning" under our deck,it has 2 swings and is much cooler under there than on the deck.And when there is a nice breeze it is so nice under there for me.We use it so much more than our deck,guess you can call it our patio.It has pea-gravel and we keep our smoker under there also with other outdoor furniture.Even with a screened in porch on the deck,we love and use the area so much more.Got to get  more annuals for my baskets and going to fill up our small pond liner with dirt and put annuals in it,I know I said we don't use alot of annuals,we don't and having them in certain areas is the main idea also,less foot-steps the better for me.So this weekend it is back to either the home-garden store or to the home-town feed store,which I do prefer,helping the small business person is the WHOLE idea when we can.
And again I ask that you donate to the American Red Cross,I am not affliated with them in any way,just do know they are ALWAYS the first there,and with all the tornadoes please remember.Plus they do help get any service personal home when there is immediate death in the family.PLUS Smile,because GOD does love you.