Monday, July 30, 2012

Not Much

The weekend and today have not been very eventful for me as far as creating anything.Still working on the baby blanket on the knitting loom,on my third section,weaved the first 2 together.I just love  loom knitting,I hate that I never found it years ago.I have cut out and sewn 2 Lace Wedding Cuffs,got the elastic and ribbon sewn on,but not finished them,reason for my delays,MS.Yes my MS is working overtime,which has left me NOT.Have had the muscle spasm,even in my neck which is making it harder to swallow,and then MY great headache.But I will fight this mess head on.
One of my daughters' took me out Saturday evening,husband in toll also,and I really enjoyed it and needed it.Went to another city to a Mall.Went into some stores I have never went into,one selling jewelry and clothes,and who can't pass up a deal buy one get one for a PENNY,yelp I got some real pretty earrings,one pair are feahters,and I love them,look alright on this 53 year old grandmother.
My other daughter got to go see Brandi Carlise,one of my favorites of today.She would  call me along and let me hear her,oh how I wished it had been indoors.Anyone with MS know you can't take the heat.Sometimes I feel like just risking it all,but then I pay dearly.
And I hope everyone remembers to smile and please give to the American RedCross,if not in money,give time,or even moreso Blood.Right now in our area they are in dire need of donors,so please give.

Friday, July 27, 2012

The purple does not show on here like it does in person,it is beautiful,and the back is a soft almost chennile wool blend,very very soft,and the clear dishes below are from a thrift store find,use to get them in Oatmeal ages ago.                                                                                                                                          

Wow Friday Already

I can't believe it is Friday and only a few days left in the month of July,where does time go? Well I have to say,mine has been sorta of productive,4th of July,Birthday,went to visit my daughter and granddaughter in their new State,found out my new grandbaby will be a boy,got a Loom to learn to knit,did learn to use the loom,went school shopping,found BIG  name brand clothes.Then to OLD NAVY and found lots of great buys and mark downs,even for the 1 1/2 yr old,shoes,tops,shorts,and even a pair of Jeans with NO flaws for $1.97.I look and I search when I feel like it,and 2 nights ago I did and gave it my all,lololo.With 3 granddaughters in school and a toddler and a new grandson on the way,this old granny looks for buys.And like I posted before when you go to THRIFT STORES and find expensive name brand clothes for 2 bucks,yes YOU can go to name brand dept stores and find great deals there with the money you had saved for this.A WIN WIN situation!!
And with that the Month is almost gone,shoo time is flying past me,got so much to do,and sure have got to feel like I can.Fighting MS all summer with the heat and the humidty has been terrible,but we will fuss when winter gets here.Got another part of the blanket started on the loom,and then to weave the 2 sections together.Got my friends' birthday present made,just need to get more made.And I am making things again with the needle tatting when I need a break with the other stuff.At least I have found something that doesn't require alot of physical attention,just mind bungling,lolololo.And I have got to finish the Butterfly pillows for 2 granddaughters,they share  the same room,so I try to make things alike.
But anyway,Hope everyone has a great weekend,stay safe if any storms do come to your area,watch the wind,rain,and lightning.And please most of all do these:Give to the Red Cross if possible,they help so many,Smile,and when possible give great big HUGS.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Month Almost Come and Gone

Time flies so fast,a birthday past and over half a year gone,where does time go? I had a good birthday,got to go see where my daughter and granddaughter moved to out of state,got to go thirft store shopping then and over the weekend.Went to one of my favorite craft store and purchased a knitting loom.
And I know I will be going back and getting a better one,I LOVE IT.Making a baby blanket for my new grandson to be here around the New Year.
At the thrift store this weekend I really didn't find much,a new spiders web to put in the middle of my Halloween Wreath,and ready to make my new Fall Wreath,got single flowers at Hobby Lobby also,marked down to .60 each.Found capris for my granddaughters,GAP AND OLD NAVY.Who can't beat that for a little over $2. each,not me when you have 4 to buy for and a grandson on the way.Don't get me wrong but I love shopping at KOHLS and JC PENNEY,but when you can find that deal for NAME BRAND cloths,go for it.You can still go to name brand stores and purchase clothing,just more when you save money on purchases that you know they will outgrow faster than time itself.
Back to the loom,ok,I am always eager to learn something new,but I do believe I have found my click,loom knitting,and I still am needle tatting,made a pair of Fall Earrings this weekend,but with this when I want a break I can do the other,and working out fine so far.And now I am on the second color of it,it is green and white chenile yarn,and it is so soft.Thanks to 2 ladies there that evening they helped me pick out the right yarn and grade.Isn't it nice to know there are people who really are nice and want to help you and don't act like they don't want anyone else to know the tricks.I have found this with SOME who needle tat.It is like you want to learn  you do the best you can.Shame on people who act like that.
But also I have made pics,one problem,can't remember where I put the camerea,lolololo ok I know a major "BRAIN FART" I call it.lolololo and I will find it thou,who knows it maybe in my underwear drawer,lololo And last and most of all,LETS ALL PRAY FOR THE FAMILIES IN AURORA COLORADO,such a sad time,I cried with them and for them,can't imagine what they are going through.And remember to smile,and if possible give your FAMILY and FRIENDS a HUG,who knows when the last time maybe.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Igloo and other stuff

Past to present again,the Igloo is something I found downstairs that we have had for YEARS,and it is still as good as it was when we pruchased it years ago,and found the jar with United on it at my local shop here in town,it was something United Telephone gave out,I loved the snap lid on it.And the small red dish to the right of it is one I found at a thrift store,it was just clear,I painted the back red and sprayed a clear glaze over the paint,matches my other items on my table.and the blue (teal) jar to the left of the second picture is another decanter I am waiting to finish,with all the RAIN we are now getting it isn't a good time for the paint to dry.

Now too much rain,mushrooms

my granddaughter took these pics in the yard,now with all the rain we have had,we have these everywhere

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Was a Wonderful 2 days

Got to go a day earlier to see my daughter and granddaughter who recently moved out of state.It was a pleasant but hot trip,I stayed in the air alot,but we got to go to my favorite Thrift Store there,Value Village,got one of my granddaughters a pair of Abercrombie  Jeans,and Old Navy shorts,in total 4 pair of Jeans,and 2 pair of shorts,ready for this,$21.00.But didn't find much else,plus didn't have time to look at everything,next time I visit her I will make more time.It was a great time,and I missed them as soon as I left.But my husband made this visit a little longer,we got to spend 2 days instead of one,spent the night,and loved every minute with them.She found at a Goodwill there 4 spools of the thread that I use,and colors I needed.So to say I had even more a great trip.I was so THANKFUL for it all,I needed  away from these 4 walls.
So everyone have a great day and week,remember it is easier to smile than to frown.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Since today is my birthday,and I am 53,which depends on how you look at it,I look at it I am not through living,so yes 53 is just a NUMBER.And MY Birthday Wish for Whoever reads this:Have a great day.go out and do something fun,and while you do,do something NICE for someone,if it is nothing but a nice SMILE,open a door for someone,whatever be nice.Enjoy a food you like,whether it be an apple of a drink,have FUN,and think of me who is having a birthday who said it is ALRIGHT to LIVE for a day.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Clear jar made into a jar of Color

I took a glass Decanter I already had and too craft paint to paint the inside,and I loved the finish product,and  I also had a little needle tatted "collar" made and put it on the top of it also,so easy,and even thou I used it previous to put dried items in it,I can just enjoy the colors.
coasters I made for my daughter

2 pair of earrings also one white and one red and white

My Third Doily I have made.


With summer comes fresh wonderful vegetables and fruit,and makes me happy.I haven't been to busy,just enough I guess to get by,but I do have a few things to put on here just in case anyone wants to see.Have a GREAT WEEKEND and stay safe.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Above Headbands made from ribbons and needle tatting
Below my 3rd handmade Doily

Thinking I am OVER IT

This morning I have gotten myself I do believe out of the stooper I have been in. Looking in the BHG website(Better Homes & Garden) and really found some great ideas.We have got to find and make some pretty designs to put on my granddaughters walls,without any painting to directly on the them.Have been looking at Canvas but that will require too much for to little,so I found it,going to make wall panels,using cardboard and material that I will find at thrift stores,buying sheets and other finds in colors even going to check the fabric stores and using cardboard to use as what we will cover.I will make pictures when I get it all together and as I progress.Plus I have plenty of paint to make plain glass containers such as vases new life and much prettier,plus I need to do more gift giving gifts,so yes I have DRAGGED MYSELF out of this again.
I hope Everyone had a safe and festive 4th of July,we enjoyed 3 of our 4 granddaughters,watched the parade,had burgers and hot dogs,my daughter got me to go to the pool where she lives,and then we watched   Fireworks from her home,loved it loved it loved it.
And again please take Safety into your main objective while enjoying the rest of the summer.We had one to drown because of a boat wasn't wired correctly at a dock and a child got electrocuted,PLEASE make all the necessary precautions and enjoy.
And with all the damage from recent storms from here to the Eastern Coasts remember to give to the Red Cross,they do so much.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th

I hope everyone in the USA are enjoying their 4th of July.We went to our parade here,and of course it was wonderful.It may have been warm,but with the rains we are now having we can endure the humidity.We probably will grab a burger somewhere instead of grilling our own,with a husband that works 2 jobs and one is at a hospital,which we all know never closes makes if difficult.But again HAPPY 4th everyone and please be SAFE.

Granddaughter waiting on Parade to start Waving her Flag

She is 15 months old,she was good,she enjoyed the parade so much,I was so happy to get out with them today,I think it really helped and even with the heat.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Been A Week

I haven't been in the mood to do this,I guess it is Life's Blue's or MS Blue's,whichever I just could have cared less.I have made a couple of things,earrings.Picked some Blackberries one evening just before sundown.Cleaned my granddaughter's room now that they have moved out of state.
Maybe this is the real reason,hard to have someone with you everyday for almost the last 4 years,and then one day,GONE.
Whatever the reason maybe I needed a break who knows,really I don't and I really don't care at this point.So everyone have a good and most of all SAFE 4th.