Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Manic Monday

Today is really a better day,got rest,my granddaughter is feeling better,had a virus over the weekend plus cutting her teeth,made for a rough and crying weekend for her.And now she can't leave our dog alone.So yes we are feeling better.
The Princess Diana Rose that I posted on here yesterday is the only rose I have.I spend all my effort on it,because I have found out with any of my flowers,only have one of something that takes extra special care,because we never know our good days or bad ones will come.I have 2 varieties of Lillies,they are in different parts of my flower beds,they spread so easy.I have hosta in 3 different beds,they also spread and make a easy preannials also.I have my ornamental Hibiscus which grows normally to over 5 ft tall.We cover it good every fall with pine needles.And then I purchase every year a couple of annuals to take care of,not much,because with the heat comes easy exhaustion.We no longer put a garden out,we have a few tomato and pepper plants.And we have wild and tame blackberries to enjoy in a few weeks with them all blooming now.And then in the late summer we will have apples from my dad's apple trees.So whatever you can find that doesn't require alot do it,even if you do not have MS and are just busy with work and family,please find something or a few somethings to help take your mind off of life's situations.And while you do you are making the world a much prettier place to be in.
And always remember to smile and talk to your plants,they really do listen and thrive better.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

It was such a good Sunday Afternoon.My neighbors like myself were out sitting on our porches.Mine isn't big,but enough to sit out and ENJOY.The picture of my rose is the Princess Diana Rose,and when it starts to wilt it has red spots on it,has always.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Just My Creations

First picture is my produce crate I retrieved from the street,painted it and with flower pots in it(vinaca),second is quilt square and burlap to put sachets in or also can be used as pot holder using quilted side with aroma added for instance a spice to the inside and the last is some of the earrings I have made from tatting
As anyone with MS knows STRESS and MS do not go together.This has been a rough week and as far as months go April has sucked pretty much.It is so hard to keep faith and hope when things go as bad as they have,but with every dark cloud there is a Silver Lining.Haven't got to read the book of Montel Williams'.That will happen next week I hope.Found a book of prayers one of my granddaughters' late nana gave me,Simple  Prayers for Women,and it has helped me,and I have had to ask the good LORD to forgive me everyday,and that is the truth,so yesterday it finally did come to me that the problem is ruling my life,and not good,so I am freeing myself from it.And I have made a few things along just to keep my mind busy.
I hope and pray EVERYONE has a great weekend and hopefully I will get out tomorrow to relieve some of this stress and give it all to HIM.
And I guess some have thought I forgot but please give to the American Red Cross and SMILE!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Curtain A REDO

I took a pair of curtains 84 inches long each panel,and made 2 pair 42 inches long (4 panels) I measured them,cut them and had to redo each top even the ones  that were already finished at the top,added eyelet trim from a previous project on the bottom and then took brown narrow ribbon through eyelets in the trim to bring the brown into the trim instead of all off-white,and tahdah- 2 pair of new curtains for my daughters' new apartment.

Not Much

I haven't got to read any of Montel Williams book since Sunday night,but his number two is as follows:The Power to conquer sadness and depression,and achieve happiness,lies inside you,Therapists and medications and external forces can make a difference,but the ultimate power belongs to you,nobody else.You are the master of your emotional destiny.
Also another reason why I decided to blog,and why I was shown by chance to learn to Tat.I had to have a direction out of my internal depression other than a pill.I HAD to find a happy place in my life once again.I HAD to find the other ultimate power to make it through MY day.The days belong to each of us,and WE have to find that place.
We have had to go through heck once again in this household,but me sewing again helped me and my daughter,her moving she needed curtains,me sewing again,I made her bedroom curtains.So once again Life Can Be Simple,it is how each ONE of us chose to do it,and living with MS can be hard enough.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

First Time Reading

Thought I might get some attention with the title,but I bought "Living Well Emotionally" by Montel Williams,I had not read it and it wasn't available at our Library,but when I get through with it I am going to donate it.And everyday I plan on adding one of his seven "Insights for Living Well".
The first one is "You own the definition of you,and you control the power of your own happiness.You are who you think you are,and you are as happy as you think you are."
I took my daughters advice and started this blog,they told me to do something,that I needed to again.I love my granddaughters,and they are my life,but I DID need something for myself,and this BLOG gave me the insight again of what all I had given up,WHY? Multiple Sclerosis.
I don't care now who makes fun of me for going to the DOLLAR Store,or seeing a beautiful piece of furniture beside the road to be trashed when we can make something new and ALIVE again.I have been sewing again,something I thought I could never love to do again,been doing my flowers again,not Weddings,but my personal enjoyment.
So this is my first INSIGHT of not only Living Well, but LIVING period.

Quiet Moments

It is Sunday morning and all is quiet,that is why I am  taking time to be on here,May ALL have a very Blessed Sunday

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Let me begin by saying I would not have had it any other way, have had my daughter and 3 granddaughters for a week,victim of circumstance,which has meant LAUNDRY,lololo  I will get it done,hopefully,lololo but all is getting back to well never normal but back to where it was a couple of weeks ago anyway.Living in this house could never be normal compared to some who have no one that doesn't have a person living with a disease,but normal for those of us who do.Weather is pretty but chance for more storms,just want to get the annuals in the ground without worry of a frost.Peony's are blooming along with the iris's.Our tame blackberries are blooming,can't wait for those.The only thing is they have bigger pits.Have made pics of everything blooming and     will post when I get all the laundry done,hopefully tonight,fingers crossed,lololo.
I worked last night on tatting,practicing for bigger project,and actually it looked pretty good.Exhaustion has kicked in so it is even hard for me to keep my mind set on doing that.Want to make more earrings,but just can't get the ole mind into it either.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Unforseen Events

We have had some unforseen events to happen and had a boomerang thrown in our direction,so yesterday I had to get out to find some mini-blinds for my daughter's new apt,which found nothing so this morning off to a local hardware to see if they have anything.Went to the local Chain Stores yesterday to no avail,her windows are such a odd size.But I did go to a thrift store and found a pair of brown panel curtains which 52x84 and now  have 2 pair instead of 1 pair,perfect for her bedroom(.using  blue and browns)So using my some  ruffle left  from my other curtains and going to put narrow ribbon (brown) through the eyelet perfecto.So hoping to still find blinds,but with windows 41x41 very hard to find even ones to go inside the window,but we will come up with something  I am sure.I can't wait for the weekend to get here,got to get our life in some kind of order again,and get her and the 3 granddaughters in their own apartment and help them to try to put some of the drama behind them.We never know what the next day will bring but sure always to be ready,HIS help always brings us through,so hope all have a good day.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I have  the first  song on my Blog for a reason, I like Audrey Hepburn in the movie(Breakfast at Tiffany's),have to be my age or older to know the movie, love going window shopping,and want to see the world,even with this disease they call MS,there is alot of world to see,.And another song I love is The Story by Brandi Carlile.All these lines on my face will stay because each one does have a story.Like the seasons seems like each one in my life have a tale to tell,which I do want to journal for my granddaughters one day to read and be proud of their grandmother for doing and going through for a reason.I will continue to push myself,I have to, I hope to see them make it out of this mess,and HAVE a GREAT Life even with all they have right now going against them.All to often we forget their feelings (children and granddchildren),not me I don't think,everything I do for them,so what I guess I am trying to say LIVE YOUR LIVES,find a simple way if possible.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

With Every New Chapter

The bench was such a good project for my husband and myself.I have made several pair of earrings from Tatting,which also has helped me take my mind off of "Stuff".One thing about it those of us who suffer from MS sure know have to take the punches and throw back rotten tomatoes and eggs back at situations.We know anyway everyday can be different or we can be the same rotten way for days.And no matter what LIFE throws at any us it WILL make us stronger.I will make it through these rotten days,not from MS but from other LIFE LESSONS.I am thankful for these days,reminded me why 12 years ago I cried forever.And we knew these days were going to be ahead of us,like I said Thankful.
And now the weather was nice,but now rain and cool temps so I guess I will wait to get new potting soil and plants for all my empty flower pots.But my Peonys' are ready and the Iris are blooming,which with GOD'S hands all is under control even OUR situations.
So please remember that DO something to take your mind off of your problems do something,read a book,do something because believe me It MAKES LIFE SIMPLE,even if it is only for a little while.And remember to smile,it maybe me you pass on the street or in a center,maybe not,but remember to smile,please.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Deep South Dish: Contact

Deep South Dish: Contact               
I just found this tonight,an awesome Blog,my favorite kind,yes FOOD Baby

PROUD of Hubby

I am now an official Trash Picker,and PROUD of it,last week I picked up a headboard and footboard someone had sit out for the trash pickup,guess what I got it,and now it is official a beautiful bench,and I am now an official trash PICKER.From now on if I see anything again I will stop or have someone to get the Trash for me.And the best part my husband wasn't so keen on the idea until now.He did end up doing most of the work,I did some sanding,but we have a new outdoor bench which I still need to get a stencil but I am posting pics He used 1x2's and 2x4's for some of the support,and we primed it all except the seat part,and they were purchased preprimed so it just required painting(1x2's).and he used wood screws to attach it all.Love it.....and we only have not even $30, and the produce crate was an easy do,picked it up at the same place,it only needed painted.,going to use it to hold flower pots with beautiful flowers,So please if  like you can  leave a comment....Signed the TRASH PICKER

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Since  yesterday I have been a little busy.I needle tatted 4 pairs of earrings,and put ear piercing on 4 more and the ones made today.The weather has turned colder with freeze warnings now so I have had to cover some plants that are just coming up,tender  plants and do not want them to get burned.We seem to still be having as much wind as we did in March.I have had some emotional issues and I have found out learning to  do the needle tatting have really helped.My mind is completely on doing it correctly so thank goodness for that.Hope all have a nice Thursday,temps here will be in the 50's but 85 Sunday,happy days again.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


If anyone looks at the pictures of the material and skirts,well that is my dining room table,lolololo I got it cleared       off in time for Easter.With each new sewing project my husband and I quote says" did you not want the sunroom for your "stuff" ",well of course,I use it and the dining room table,we still have the kitchen table,lololo
I haven't been into alot since I made the skirts for the little granddaughters.I did paint the produce crate and we are working on the bench made from the headboard and footboard.I am so proud of my husband,he has done so much on this with me,most of it.We are in the process of priming it and haven't quiet decided what color to paint it and we are going to do a stencil.I am taking pics of the process.I did start today on another tatting project,a doily,made some earrings over the weekend.I have had added stress and find that this soon helps,so tatting I will be.I hope each and everyone of you have a blessed day,and please remember to smile.
The skirts below are the ones I made for my 4 granddaughters.I just measured their hips and length since I used elastic waist.I just sewed up the sides,turned down the top for the elastic to go through and then sewed and pulled the elastic through,sewed it up,matched right sides together for the lace and sewed along and wal-lah,skirts,and they made it through the 12 month one who is walking,crawling and climbing.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Just want to post I hope everyone had a great day,we always do as a family,just missed my husband this year,one of the drawbacks working for a Medical Center,they never close.Hope everyone is ready for the week ahead,I am,got to rest this evening and making plans for a new week,once again hope you enjoyed Easter with your family.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The poem below  tells why I have the courage to Continue and Fight MS. Without the good LORD I am nothing and nothing I could do.He has given me Courage to carry on and to Show through him what HE made me of.So I hope that through this I have shown what Courage,Strength and Love can do,I might loose my fight tomorrow,but it will be left up to HIM.Some of my days are harder,but HE is carrying me,making sure that I will continue when my days are better to show just what WE all can do through Him.I Pray that each of you have a Blessed Easter with your Family and Friends.


Jesus Christ crucified
His blood shed for all
The sacrificial Lamb of God
Arose as Lord of Lords
And we can all rejoice today
In what our Lord has done
No sacrifice can be compared
To that of God's dear Son

© By M.S.Lowndes

Friday, April 6, 2012


This picture was taken Saturday evening as we were watching a storm go just northeast from our home.My husband took this,and all week that picture has been "eating" at me.I feel like the inside of the cloud is each of us,We are ALL beautiful people with something we are hiding and fighting,but beautiful WE are.The outside is those of US who are fighting an illness.For instance MS.WE have are dark moments trying to keep them away from attacking our inside,trying to keep it from bringing us down,trying to fight it from attacking us and not be a storm inside of us making us dark and allowing it to hide from the rest of the world.And all week I have FOUGHT a fight,doing little projects,but I am FIGHTING,not going to let the storm attack my part of my world,have struggled all week,but I have prevailed,and will continue to,so please DO NOT give up,one of my FRIENDS have told me this week we will make a pact,and I hope each one of you will join us,make a PACT that whatever it is YOU will stand strong with us and win whatever your battle is.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Tree That Fell

The Tree that fell,due to extreme Wind and Rain we've had over a period of time,and no root system

Finally Picture of the BURLAP shower and window curtains

I bought several yards of the Burlap in a bundle,just happened to be enough for both,measured each and cut,glued rough edges to keep from fraying and only had to sew the Valance on and used a HOLE PUNCH for the shower curtain to put rings and liner through.The window curtain I glued the hem edge to keep from fraying and sides also.Folded top down 1 1/2 to 2 inches and sewed the hem and Valance together to curtain.Put the curtain rod through hem and done.Simple and my cost was less than $5. Hint,whenever you find any kind of material at a CHEAP price,purchase and there will always be a project to do with it.

Woo Be Wednesday and Trash Treasures

Ok I know that you guys who are following me know that I had a glorious Saturday,well guess what I haven't had that day again,but it has not been a total wash-out.Sunday and Monday well lets just say normal,normal for those who have MS.We woke Sunday morning to find another of our neighbors giant Pine Trees had fallen down.Didn't hit either house,thank goodness,but all of them are going,they have no root system,can't figure that one out either.Then that was all,and thank goodness.I have just been "chillin" making the "girls" their skirts,3 down 1 to go.And I went and checked on my parents yesterday(Tuesday) and boy oh boy I got lucky.Was on my way back home,driving down one of the streets minding my own business listening to the radio wishing I was with my daughter and granddaughter(tell you later) where they were,a HEADBOARD and FOOTBOARD,a PRODUCE Cart,there beside the street waiting on the trash truck,lolololo if my husband finds out I Blogged this,well he is so embarrased about MY trash PICKING.So anyway had to go and turn around and make sure yes sir there they layed MINE for the taking,hahhaha.So I put on the signal,stopped the "mamaw van" opened the hatch and side door and slid that baby in the van,YES,hahahaha so wow-be-me,another project whenever the good LORD sees fit for me to feel well enough to do that one.And both have the roll typed style at the top of each so will make a great bench or swing.And even thou I feel like "I have been plucked and ready for the pot" I would have loved to been with my daughter and granddaughter,Charleston SC baby,yes Charleston,my future home,fingers and toes crossed.I think seeing the water and letting it take my issues out to sea would have been the right prescription,but maybe later.The other 2 older little girls had volleyball and indoor soccer tournaments,so more of those tomorrow night,wooo weee go girls.And with all of this great weather we are having is the chance of Storms,and that means tornado watches and warnings.Please take these serious when they are posted,takes only a minute for one to destroy a community,and we have got to watch for the Pines to not fall anymore.Hope everyone has a great day,and hope ALL YOUR Treasures are as Grand as mine.You never know what is that trash heap down the street,hahahaha.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Saturday Madness

Actually is wasn't a bad Saturday,for me it was busy,and I got out of bed early,for anyone with MS knows that is a feat in itself.The husband was in a mood to go to the flea market and the weather was great for it,nice and temps in the 70's.The best part was we went to 2,and he enjoyed it.I did miss some of the vendors,I am still having trouble walking but it was awesome.Our special purchases were a huge luggage that we are going to make a table out of,a chest of drawers that was perfect,not one speck of scratches or anything,best part $5.00,yes and the Samsonite luggage was only $2.00,plus we saw a BENCH made from a baby bed headboard and footboard that I have been trying to get him into making one.We have an old babybed from our 1st granddaughter that will be 10 in June,well he has agreed to help make one,pics when we get started.And the best part of the day a Household Shower for an old friend of the families daughter,our girls grew up with each other,and it was so great to see them ALL again in one place,for me it was like a reunion,and we have agreed we have got to start meeting again every so often,So another MEMORY for me,and LOVED it.So please the next time someone wants you to get out,GO,you don't have to tread every step,scout out with your eyes if anything catches you and go down that row or however,but DO IT,Life is tooooooooo short not to,and enjoy your surroundings,SMILE,and I bet you will get a great deal.But ANYWAY,I hope and pray that you enjoy the rest of the weekend and had as great one as I have,HAPPY APRIL to everyone and SMILE!!!!Oh and the BEST part was I spent the day with my little girls also and the BIG 1 year old is walking,wo be to us,lololo.