Thursday, October 25, 2012

Back to It,Even if you don't

Yesterday had some Trials and Tribulations.Took one of my granddaughters' to the doc.Then she spilled Cranberry Juice love her heart.But before I took her to the doc I made tea-dyed snowmen.They are made from my white chenile bedspread the kiddies got playdough on and it dried without them telling me,lolol so like me I found another use for it. Today is to be another beautiful day before the COLD weather hits us this weekend.So I really need to cut out more snowmen so I can tea-dye them and hang out to dry.I just took some cord and strung it out on the deck after I took them out of the tea water.I used 5 tea-bags to a cup of BOILING WATER. and had enough to do 5 snowmen or 10 pieces.Worked out really good I think,but I still like the white ones I made also,so thinking of making half tea-dyed and half the regular way.My youngest daughter likes the "Primitive" so may just make enough for her and her sister to share. Everyone have a great day,enjoy if the weather hasn't changed where you are at 5 TEABAGS (this was all I had at the time) 1 CUP of Boiling Water.Just made sure the snowmen were completely saturated.Squeezed out excessive(by doing this I knew if the needed soaking again or not). Hang to dry. I used Brown Beads for the eyes,Black Beads for the Buttons,and a Orange Bead for the nose. .

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My finds from a weekend visit to my Favorite Antique Shop,I have several old Recipe Books,and this one is copyright 1940,and the plates were a $1.00 Each,use like they are or place doilies on them and use as serving plates.

Been Awhile

Once again I did come back to see if anyone will read this.I have tried so to make attention that WE are still ALIVE just because we have a disease such as Multiple Sclerosis doesn't mean a death sentence.We can still strive to survive.And I know that many of you have more symptoms than myself,but WE have to fight,find and defeat this disease.I must not be doing a good job of trying to find a fight in anyone who lives with a dibiletating disease. I will am putting some pics on here to show that there is a world out there,and we must see it,for myself I know I want to see ALL that is there to SEE,while I can.
And with EVERYTHING THERE IS A BATTLE,it depends on how we CLIMB that Mountain,we can struggle or we can make and do whatever is the easiest way to go.But WE HAVE TO CLIMB TO SEE WHAT CAN BE FOR US.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Thought About It

I have thought about giving up on this blog so much this week,I really don't think anyone cares that PEOPLE REALLY EXIST WITH MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS.But WE DO.I was hoping to bring this to ATTENTION of those who do not have any idea what LIVING WITH MS can be like,but I really don't think the majority of you do NOT CARE. I continue to do things as I can,I have learned to needle TAT,LOOM KNITTING,I love to redo furniture as I can when I can,takes awhile,but I DO TRY.I have been taking photos of what the climate is changing from Summer to Fall,but I really don't think anyone cares either.I am not on a pity party,I really think that those of US who live with MS have no chance in HECK getting it across to those who don't suffer and don't want to know about it.I am adding a picture I took while I was sitting in the Van at Lowes waiting on my husband,because I could not at the time walk in there and around the store,yes people we really can't get out like the normal Joe can.I am having a good morning and I just feel like I need to get across to more of you and I really don't know how. I really hope all of you get out and enjoy your weekend and while you do think about those of us who have a dilibilating disease that have to spend their days sitting at home or sitting in a care,yes you.
And this is just one of the items I have made this week,I knitted this cover for a candy bowl for Christmas.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Saw something similar to this at the antique store over the weekend,it is a quilted picture frame,that I added needle tatting,beads and a lace bow,with lace glued around the frame itself,an easy Vintage look

Thank Goodness

Sunday I had my doubts,but it has already been a better week.Not only was my MS trying to make a entrance I came down with the "CRUD".I started taking Allergy meds last week,and then Mussinex,and I do not like that stuff,but it has helped.My pharmasict told me once not to take Allery meds that his mom has MS and it makes it worse,but I have had to take something,and now I do feel like I am on my way to getting rid of the "CRUD". We are in "FALL" mode now also,we have had rain now for 2 days,and our temps are to and have already made changes.I am so ready but then I am not.Got alot of stuff to do and I have no time for feeling bad,too bad to not to one project aday.I think with everything going on it stressed me out and I got the "CRUD" lololol.I have a Baby Shower to get ready for in November,then the Holidays.Then the Birth of our 5th granchild,our 5th,this one is a grandson after 4 granddaughters.I have got gift to make,oh my. But I went Saturday to the antique that is on one story,and found one idea and made it yesterday.Many others to make but I will make it,with HIS Strength and push and everyone else I believe and have to believe I will make it. So hope everyone finds something also to make,it doesn't have to be huge,and if it isn't prefect it already is,something you made and that always makes it perfect,made with love.So remember to always SMILE,it really does help people like me,makes us feel better deep within. )

Thursday, September 27, 2012


I haven't been well,but today I hope brings changes,we will see.Yesterday my granddaughter and I went for a walk around the house,just seeing what we could,and of course I didn't take the camera,and that was a shame,we had a butterfly making a beauty of herself.She was flying all around us,and I knew by the time we got in the house and back out she would be gone.She was so pretty.So gracefully flying around us and my granddaughter loved it.I hope today to go back out and see if she is still around,I put a pic of what she looked like,and maybe today I can get the real picture. I have decorating the outside some,have got all the Fall decorations out,and maybe if doesn't rain this weekend I will do the Halloween decorating.This is the last weekend of September,so think it isn't to early now. I love this time of year,just not the winter that follows.I have so much to look forward to and to be thanful for,I just do not like being stuck in the house even more.I have started on my needle tatting again,got one doily made this week and another one started.Need several made for gifts,and I know thou I will come through.And I hope each of you are making something pretty also that will encourage me even more.Hope everyone has a good day,hang in there,if I can you surely will,and remember to SMILE ;)
The One similar to what we saw yesterday just taking her time and flying around us.
Just a little of my decorations

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Flumes from my Pampas Grass in Spiders' Web

The Jambalaya I made yesterday

Sweet Sorghum And Jambalaya

Yesterday I made a pot of Jambalaya,and now I can't find the recipe on line I used and it isn't under my Favorites or neither can I find it when I look under Yesterday's History,oh well at least I got a picture of it,and it was so good.Even my husband thought so,and he is my biggest critic.I used fresh tomatoes,peppers,onions,and basil in it chopped up.With Cajuan and Creole spices also. Not sure if many know what Sorghum,or what I call it Molasses,is from sugar cane,grown in the spring looking much like corn,without corn on the stalks,eastiest way for me to describe it,and with the weather cooler this is the time of year to make molasses.And many people here in our region call it Sorghum Molasses,which is what I grew up calling it also.Sorghum was brought from Africa made from a type of grass.And believe me it has a nice sweet taste.It was used alot for sweeting instead of sugar,Molasses contains significant amounts of vitamins and minerals and is a good source of calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron.And the reason for this,is it is used in the Stack cake I make during the Holiday's. And this morning is very cool,down to around 50 with tomorrow morning 39 for the low,shoo can we say yes it is "FALL".And I hope everyone has a very peaceful Sunday.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Today was a day that I really needed to see this Balloon.There was two of them and they both went over our house.I really appreciated being able to see it.I can't put my finger on it if is a relapse of MS,or am I depressed.I think it is both,maybe wrong,oh well,whichever I needed those balloons to go over my house. I have not worked on one single thing today,and that isn't right.I have got to focus on what needs to be done,and not what I am thinking is going on,make sense?? It was pretty here,and suppost to be tomorrow,but after that oh well,maybe that is what I need,a cool-down to get me warmed up and doing something. But I really hope all of you have a nice weekend also.I think one of my daughter's is getting me out tomorrow,and I am ready.Going to try to got to two of my favorite antique shops and browse around. But remember to SMILE ;) it really does help.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Felt like I Needed to Post This Molasses Stack Cake

PLEASE NOTE THE ABOVE PICTURE IS NOT ONE I HAVE MADE,NOW I WILL MAKE PICTURES OF THE ONES I MAKE; Lately I have been thinking how I am going to miss the kids for the holiday's and what I can do for them and this is it,I plan on making my daughter and granddaughter one of these for Thanksgiving.My "MAMAW" made these at holidays and I have in the years past,and it has been a few since it requires alot of attention while making but I know that this year I will try it again,one of my uncles past away this year and I made him one after he had survived an Aneurysm,and it pleased him,so I hope someone else will also give it a try,and if you have never been to a Molasses Stir,then you haven't lived,love it. Dry Ingredients 21 ounces (4 1/4 cups) all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon Creaming Ingredients 6 ounces (1 1/2 sticks) unsalted butter 10 ounces (1 1/4 cups) superfine granulated sugar 3/4 cup molasses 2 eggs 1/2 cup buttermilk For the Dried Apple Filling 8 to 12 cups dried apples 2 pounds (4 cups) superfine granulated sugar 2 teaspoons cinnamon 2 teaspoons nutmeg 2 tablespoons molasses 3 cups water For Serving Confectioners' sugar print a shopping list for this recipe view wine pairings Preparation1. Preheat the oven to 350°F and place the rack in the middle position. 2. Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl and whisk to combine. Set aside. 3. Combine the butter and sugar in the bowl of a standing mixer fitted with the paddle attachment and mix on medium speed until wet and grainy. 4. Add the molasses. Scrape the sides of the bowl with a flexible spatula to get all of the molasses into the mixture. 5. Add the eggs one at a time. Scrape all the way to the bottom of the bowl and mix on low speed. 6. Alternately add the buttermilk and the dry mixture about a quarter at a time. Stop the mixer to scrape the bowl and turn it on again on low speed for about 10 seconds. The mixture should be stiff like a soft cookie dough. 7. Shape the dough into a ball and wrap it in plastic wrap. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. 8. Divide the dough into 6 or 8 equal portions and place each one on a round piece of parchment paper a little larger than a 9-inch cake pan. Roll out the dough to the size of the parchment. Place the cake pan over the disk and trim away the excess around the edge. 9. Leaving the parchment paper underneath, lift the disks onto baking sheets and bake them for approximately 10 minutes, or until the top surface appears dry and a wooden skewer inserted in the center comes out clean. 10. Slide the disks off the baking sheet onto a flat surface to cool. 11. To make the filling, combine all the ingredients in a large, heavy-bottom saucepan and bring to a light simmer. Immediately transfer to the work bowl of a food processor fitted with the steel blade and pulse into a thick paste. 12. To assemble the cake, spread about 1 cup of the filling onto each layer, taking care to center each disk on top of the one beneath it. Repeat until all the layers are used. Do not put apple filling on top of the cake. 13. Wrap the cake well and refrigerate it for up to 24 hours. This gives the apple filling time to work itself into the cake. Dust with confectioners' sugar and serve chilled. Baker's Note: Ideally, you should dry the apples yourself in a fruit-dehydrating machine. If that's not an option, go for store-bought dried apples. Don't cop out and buy applesauce, because the secret to the stack cake is not just what absorbs into the cake, but what doesn't. Jarred applesauce gets lost in the layers, leaving only a soggy stack. Although success isn't guaranteed, you can try to make dried apple slices in the oven. Peel and thinly slice 15 to 20 fresh apples (I like Gala or Cortland). Place them, without overlapping, on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, and bake in a 225°F oven for up to 4 hours or until dried Read More Read More

Think Autumn Is Here

This morning it is cool,and this weekend down in the low 40's for the night time,yes people Fall is here.The apples are ready to be harvested from the trees,the pumpkins and gourds have been or are being brought in from the fields,yes Autumn is here.I am so anxious now,it is closer to all the Festivals in the area,and they can be so much fun.I know there is one I want to go to here in our area,it is called "The Exchange Place".The life is recreated from the very early settlers in our area.There is so much in this area to visit for one day or a nice Weekend getaway.I am so anxious to try to get to Asheville NC this Fall.There are some Thrift Stores there I want to visit,and there are shops close to The Biltmore that I want to do some Christmas shopping at.And My MS had better give me a relief so I can get out away from these 4 walls. Last night I decided to start on something new after I got half of the baby blanket done,I decided after going to PINTEREST again,lololololol to loom knit the cover that goes over a glass bowl for Christmas,and yes I do believe I did do it,I was up until 3 am,sometime with MS you can't sleep and then other times that's all you want to do,but back to the comment of the "snowman" glass bowl cover I made last night.It turned out cute I thought.It was better for me to just make one than find a sock or sweater to cut up for it.And the best part I have a granddaughter who is finding her love of using the knitting loom,hey she is only 7 will be 8 in December and she is doing such a great job on her baby brother's cap that is due in first of January. I have got to get busy also and make more doilies needle tatting.Another reason my MS had better behave,lolololol So I hope everyone has a great day and you can get out and enjoy "Living",it doesn't have to be climbing mountains,it can be getting out and looking at the mountain.And remember to smile,others may feel like have climbed a mountain. ;)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Busy as a Bee

Haven't been here alot,and one reason I have been so busy.Got one gift made and ready to mail tomorrow.Got the youngest grandbaby's tutu made for Halloween,she will be a ghost.Got the oldest one in progress,have the tutu ready to sew and put the feather around the waist,she is the White Swan from The Black Swan,and with that one is going to be the Black Swan,have her tulle cut and ready to tie one.And I have started on another baby blanket,did I say I am busy.lolololol And I have got to make Christmas Gifts,time time time will I have enough. The weather is cool and very rainy here,we are now transferring to our Autumn season,you can feel it in the air.I can't wait to see all the leaves changing to the pretty Golds,Yellows and Reds.And of course we already are in the middle of Ragweed,which plays havac on anyone who has allergies.This time of year is busy here in our area,we have lots of Festivals,beautiful scenery to go and visit.A few of my favorite places are of course The Great Smoky Mountains',The Blue Ridge Parkway,and the area around it in North Carolina,Asheville Blowing Rock and of course that means I will get to meet my daughter and granddaughter over there for a quick visit. And of course we will have marshamallow roasts using the fire pit.And good times to share once again with each other. I hope everyone has a prosperous week as I am going to try to have,MS will not have time to keep me down,lololololol and please SMILE it does catch on,and what is better a smile or a frown which makes your entire face wrinkle.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Going to look for


This evening it was so comfortable out,finally,and my husband and myself were enjoying the wonderful cooler temps and waiting on the sun to go down.We were discussing all that needs to be done before winter.And he proceeded in telling me about a gentleman at one of the jobs he works(has 2) and about the persimmon he took to work today.The gentleman cut the persimmon and took the small seed out and cut into it gently.It looked the shape of a spoon.And according to this getleman we here in the North East mountains of Tennesse are in for a alot of wet heavy snows.I have heard alot of folklore about the weather in my life,living in the mountains that happens,lololo but never this with the persimmon seed.So I guess it will be a wait and see.
I have been trying to stay busy but with MS it is hard alot of times to do some "things".I am getting my Fall and Autumn decorations when I can,making a few things but nothing this week to brag about.It has just not been a good week for me,but I know it will get better.I have alot of family behind me and pushing me along not to give in.
I am looking forward to my daughter and granddaughter coming home for the weekend tomorrow,Friday.We already have plans to look at venues for her reception nex June.Can't believe how places get booked so far in advance.They are having a beach wedding and the reception here in her home town,and one place is a Mansion and the Barn here.It is beautiful,the barn,the pics are awesome of it.And another one is a rooftop venue,which is so pretty decorated.So we will see.I am looking with her online for her design of a bridal dress.It is both their second and she is as anxious as she was the first time,she says this is the one,lololo.But anyway after the birth of our very first grandson,I will be busy helping her planner with all the decorations and planning here for her.I am so anxious.I use to do wedding and direct them as a second job and LOVED every minute of it.
Enough I know,but I am so excited and like I said "they" help me with this miserable MS.And with that I hope everyone has a great weekend as I have already getting planned,and remember the American Red Cross.And most of all SMILE,it really does help and it catches on really fast, ;)

Monday, September 10, 2012

my youngest granddaughters' tutu for Halloween

One roll of each White and Black Tulle and her waist was 19 inches,and the tulle was cut into strips of 8 inches,and elastic was cut and stitched together with the Tulle being tied on 4 white and 1 black,she is going to be a Ghost for Halloween.

Where Has Time Gone

I can't believe that September is here and not long to the end of the year.I hope it stays nice just like it is right now till winter.Got to get my house ready for winter but going to sure enjoy my Autumn.We live in the prettiest area for fall foliage,and with several festivals this time of year there is never a lack of places to go,that is if my MS behaves,and it sure better,lolo. I have got alot going on in the future,and yes I have to have a reason to keep "truckin" and not to give in.Got to get Halloween costumes and decorating done for Fall and Halloween.And we are such kids at heart in this family,when people snarl their noses up in the air about Fall or Halloween,they need to enjoy life in our household.I hope my daughters and granddaughters always continue to enjoy life and living.We love roasting weeinees and marshmallows over an open fire,being around others this time of year also. Got to prepare then for Christmas and for the birth of our first grandson,4 granddaughters later love its heart.lololo We are hoping he will be here around New Years',that would be one day he could claim right to celebrate. With that I want us all to remember SEPT.11,please have a brief moment prayer,or whatever your belief for all the families that still struggle,and give to the AMERICAN RED CROSS,always there for anyone,and most of all please SMILE.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Seems like I am only on here late at night,but that does happen,no sleep.I finally finished up on my chair that repainted and reupholstered the seat,looks great and the young girls love it,of course.
We went to my favorite Antique shop here and only was there for a few,it is so hot and steamy here,we are getting the rain,and that shots the humidity up.Let me add I got some pretty canning jars.
Another story that touched my heart today was what Kellie Pickler did for her BEST friend,and I honestly can say I would do it also,my hair is a wild mess anyway,loloBut what a way to show that you care.I guess that is the country gal in her.
And with that we are looking forwrd to a wedding next June,and shoo I forgot what that was like,10 yrs since the last one,and love her heart my daughter and granddaughter found their soul mate,or should say my daughter did,and he and his family have been so good to them so far.And her living out-of-state and planning is going to be pushing alot next year.But my MS and myself are ready for the road ahead of us anyway,got a new grandbaby,grandson, due the first of Jan.but all bets are on the end of December she never goes her term.And with helping my other daughter prepare for him to take a position in this family is going to be a joy also.But the canning jars maybe in her wedding reception,it will be here in her hometown,and her wedding will take place at the beach,a small ceremony with just family,since both had been married before they opted for this,but it will be just as grand as if a big formal one,and her reception will be here in a lovely venue.
And then the day after Halloween decorating for Christmas,yes with my daughter going to be very pregant we have to do what has to be done at both homes,yes homes,you can have houses,but they must be a home to have love and caring in.
And again remember the Red Cross,so much they do,and remember SMILE,k

Monday, September 3, 2012

Today I saw an old manual typewriter on a FB page much like this,and reminded my from back in the day,yes I typed on one in our Typing class,there wasn't enough to go around for me to use an electric typewriter,and then I purchased a used one in my senoir year to get my typing skills up,more words per min.I wish today I still had the typewriter like this one,they were a marvelous piece of machinery.And then in the 90's when I was working in the HIS dept at a hospital we got our first computers.Yes and look how far we have come since then.Keeping up with admissions and discharges was done with "top sheets' put in a admit book and then when patients went home we took the and added them to the "discharge book" with all doctors who saw the patient pen written on the sheets.Can you image how ESTATIC we were to get a computer that printed off all and all we had to do was enter the MR and ACCT numbers,so much simplier.So what I am saying is I am Vintage,in a good way,lolololo and I do love VINTAGE.Something that lasts so much longer and lasts and lasts...
I am working on an old chair been repainting it and new upholstery,another vintage item.And I guess that is why I wanted to learn to "needle tat" something from the past,vintage.And I am thankful for all the conveniences of today,just somethings were made to last from "back in the day".
And I have to add once again"Please give to the American Red Cross",they have their hands full now with all the damage from Issace.And people are so thankful when they see the Red Cross vehicle pull up.And last but not least please smile,  ;) it really does help all involved.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


So I am trying to get myself back on track,and it has been rough,but I have great friends that help.If not for them I don't know where I would be.Going through some personal stuff along with the MS can leave one frustrated,feeling alone,and feeling revenge.But will leave the later alone,lololo.

I finished 2 wreaths I had started for Halloween,going to use my old wreath and spice it up for my Fall Decorations.I purchased some things last yr after Fall at Hobby Lobby at 90% off so I have new to go along with my old.I call my new Halloween Wreath  "The Corpse Bride Wreath.The Netting hanging down is suppost to be a veil,and I added glitter to the flowers I purchased at the Dollar Tree.I took tulle and knotted strips around the wreath,so easy.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Matter of Time

They say your life can change in a matter of minutes,and yes I do believe this.And there isn't that anything we can do about it,I know.I live everyday with reminders that I have MS.I fight everyday to try to put it out of my mind,but it doesn't last long.And one of the worse case scenarios  to happen is when you are loosing your spouse because they don't know how to deal with it no more so than the one fighting.I wish I could go back to the way it use to be but that isn't practical.
I try everyday to do something,just make a stitch,paint a stroke or whatever and thou everyday we can't.What I am trying to say is that I hate this life just as bad as anyone else,but what am I to do?I can't go on living like this and can't expect my family to do that also.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Probably by chance the ones who really read my blog already know this,been a WEEK,16 month old granddaughter has walking pneumonia,my prego daughter and other 2 granddaughters were involved in an auto accident,and I am exhausted.Poor baby hasn't felt good and ran a temp.Plus she is teething on top of that.
And with all this I haven't got much done,except I did make or finish a Fall/Halloween wreath when my grandbaby slept,had to do something to make time a little better. And I did get a chair primered and ready to paint,when all this wildness stops.But I get so excited this time of year.I love going to all the Fall Festivals in the area,and Apple Festival in the area.I love seeing all the mums and pumpkins being used for decorations.And I can't wait to decorate either,my VERY FAVORITE Time,then after that the season to be MERRY,which we will patiently await the new arrival of our very first grandson.After 4 granddaughters we are awaiting with much enthusiasm.
And we are planning a Halloween/Fall get together for the granddaughters and their friends.A good ole weinee  and marshamallow roast.We missed last year,but we plan on brining the tradition back with full force this year,and with a new baby addition to their family it will make them feel like we haven't abandoned them again this year.And who doesn't like having a bunch of great kids around to make life more fun.So yes we are going to get everything in order from invitations to decorations,with corn shocks and pumpkins it is going to be a grand time again.And I will keep everyone updated as we go through time.
And living in NorthEast Tennessee this weekend WE all know it is RACETIME at Bristol Baby,and they are expecting a bigger crowd once again,and that means more traffic for those of us who dare to get out,which means not me,lololo.
But hope everyone has a GREAT WEEKEND,and with next weekend being Labor Day weekend,we may have to blow this summer out with all its glory,lololo we shall see.And Please REMEMBER to SMILE,)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Today would be a wonderful day
not to take life so seriously.
Today may end up the way you prefer -
and it may not.
Happiness is not about being a winner -
it's about being gentle with life -
being gentle with yourself.
Let life be a dance,
and choose the kind of
dance you want for today -
perhaps a gentle loving dance.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Today and yesterday have been different from days past,but with Today and my Tomorrows I hope and pray will be better.I always know when the MS Monster is trying to gain on me,I shed tears for no reason,oh they are for me a reason,but to someone who never has had to deal with it can't see the reason why.I  have made a couple of items while backing the Monster into the corner.I brought a lovely OLD BENCH home Sunday,and IT has many lives still left in it,and with it being made out of solid wood,not that cheap stuff,it has great potential.
And with that I leave you with a thought,please remember The American Red Cross,they always need help,they HELP so many.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Found the shelves here just stored,and got lucky and found 2 shelves at a antique shop at bargin prices (1.00) each and the small one at a thrift store.They were so easy to do,just primed and painted,and the gals loved them.


Yesterday I blogged that I have been busy,let me add to that and say to someone who has MS I have been busy.Monday was ok,Tuesday I barely could get out of bed,I think it was 11 am our time.Wednesday was better,my husband was off during the day and that is why I got out of the house.Today is still iffy,I feel like I have lifted the world with my arms.I wonder how in the world one part of the body can hurt so bad,but not the parts that go to or with them.Call it Myelin,that covers each of our nerves,but MS eats ours away.I think today I am carrying an elephant.
But even so I have and I am going to get some more of my work done today,I got up early and really and truly I am going to fight this today.I have a special Birthday coming up,my best friend who really is more a sister than if I had a sister could be,even thou we don't speak everyday,we both know and feel each other's life,and on her Birthday I am celebrating 1 yr of being smoke free,and I don't miss it.
And let me say NO ONE can or will quit until THEY want to.I know and I feel for anyone who is trying to quit.
I am getting so anxious about Fall and the cooler temps to be here,esp after a record breaking July Heat.I can't wait to decorate for Fall.Last year I started the first day of Sept. and my family are already kidding me about it again,the way I see it I am home all the time and I will be the one looking at it ALL the time,let me have some enjoyment,right,.lolololo
I also posted that I have been redoing frames and shelves for mygranddaughters' room.I am going to post the pics on here and can't wait to get them on their walls.And I think this weekend I will go and get a knitting loom that they and my daughter can use to make tobagons on.I know I will not be visiting the Antique Shops here,the hubby works so that means I have to stay at home,:( 
But everyone watch the weather,and remember please give to the American Red Cross,alot of people need help with all these terrible floods and storms,and most of ALL SMILE   :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It went to almost to dry to almost to wet for my vegetables,and the trees show how wet it has been and my Hydrangea Bush has doubled in size,she is very pretty.

Been Awhile

It has been probably a week since I have had the time to sit down and do this.I have been busy,the computer was down for a couple of days,and school started back for 2 of my 3 school-age granddaughters.Which I was busy trying to help them prepare,being grannie has its advantages,lololo.
I have eagerly been busy also,primed and painted picture frames and shelves for 2 of my granddaughters room.They live in an apt. and any color has to be done with items as this and peelable art,which they have done this also.I made a  doily for a Christmas gift yes a Christmas gift.And worked on another item for a birthday gift,will post after she gets it,lololo.
And of course I have been thrift store shopping plus Antiquing.And found a great little shop here in our town by accident on Facebook from a friend way back to high school.And it has great items,new jewelry,new purses,pillows,dolls,trinkets,yes my kind of shop.
Now to the important item I always suggest for anyone if they do read this,help the American Red Cross.This weekend here in our area on Sunday evening a neighboring city and county was hit with a flash flood.Luckily no one was injured or killed,but lives and homes have been torn upside down,the following link will lead it to one of the stories where a house had to be demolished because it was washed out onto a road,yes a road.So please give if you can to these great Volunteers of the American Red Cross.The following link is one of the many stories from then:           And ALSO Please remember to SMILE,everyone looks so pretty when you do.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Not Much

The weekend and today have not been very eventful for me as far as creating anything.Still working on the baby blanket on the knitting loom,on my third section,weaved the first 2 together.I just love  loom knitting,I hate that I never found it years ago.I have cut out and sewn 2 Lace Wedding Cuffs,got the elastic and ribbon sewn on,but not finished them,reason for my delays,MS.Yes my MS is working overtime,which has left me NOT.Have had the muscle spasm,even in my neck which is making it harder to swallow,and then MY great headache.But I will fight this mess head on.
One of my daughters' took me out Saturday evening,husband in toll also,and I really enjoyed it and needed it.Went to another city to a Mall.Went into some stores I have never went into,one selling jewelry and clothes,and who can't pass up a deal buy one get one for a PENNY,yelp I got some real pretty earrings,one pair are feahters,and I love them,look alright on this 53 year old grandmother.
My other daughter got to go see Brandi Carlise,one of my favorites of today.She would  call me along and let me hear her,oh how I wished it had been indoors.Anyone with MS know you can't take the heat.Sometimes I feel like just risking it all,but then I pay dearly.
And I hope everyone remembers to smile and please give to the American RedCross,if not in money,give time,or even moreso Blood.Right now in our area they are in dire need of donors,so please give.

Friday, July 27, 2012

The purple does not show on here like it does in person,it is beautiful,and the back is a soft almost chennile wool blend,very very soft,and the clear dishes below are from a thrift store find,use to get them in Oatmeal ages ago.                                                                                                                                          

Wow Friday Already

I can't believe it is Friday and only a few days left in the month of July,where does time go? Well I have to say,mine has been sorta of productive,4th of July,Birthday,went to visit my daughter and granddaughter in their new State,found out my new grandbaby will be a boy,got a Loom to learn to knit,did learn to use the loom,went school shopping,found BIG  name brand clothes.Then to OLD NAVY and found lots of great buys and mark downs,even for the 1 1/2 yr old,shoes,tops,shorts,and even a pair of Jeans with NO flaws for $1.97.I look and I search when I feel like it,and 2 nights ago I did and gave it my all,lololo.With 3 granddaughters in school and a toddler and a new grandson on the way,this old granny looks for buys.And like I posted before when you go to THRIFT STORES and find expensive name brand clothes for 2 bucks,yes YOU can go to name brand dept stores and find great deals there with the money you had saved for this.A WIN WIN situation!!
And with that the Month is almost gone,shoo time is flying past me,got so much to do,and sure have got to feel like I can.Fighting MS all summer with the heat and the humidty has been terrible,but we will fuss when winter gets here.Got another part of the blanket started on the loom,and then to weave the 2 sections together.Got my friends' birthday present made,just need to get more made.And I am making things again with the needle tatting when I need a break with the other stuff.At least I have found something that doesn't require alot of physical attention,just mind bungling,lolololo.And I have got to finish the Butterfly pillows for 2 granddaughters,they share  the same room,so I try to make things alike.
But anyway,Hope everyone has a great weekend,stay safe if any storms do come to your area,watch the wind,rain,and lightning.And please most of all do these:Give to the Red Cross if possible,they help so many,Smile,and when possible give great big HUGS.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Month Almost Come and Gone

Time flies so fast,a birthday past and over half a year gone,where does time go? I had a good birthday,got to go see where my daughter and granddaughter moved to out of state,got to go thirft store shopping then and over the weekend.Went to one of my favorite craft store and purchased a knitting loom.
And I know I will be going back and getting a better one,I LOVE IT.Making a baby blanket for my new grandson to be here around the New Year.
At the thrift store this weekend I really didn't find much,a new spiders web to put in the middle of my Halloween Wreath,and ready to make my new Fall Wreath,got single flowers at Hobby Lobby also,marked down to .60 each.Found capris for my granddaughters,GAP AND OLD NAVY.Who can't beat that for a little over $2. each,not me when you have 4 to buy for and a grandson on the way.Don't get me wrong but I love shopping at KOHLS and JC PENNEY,but when you can find that deal for NAME BRAND cloths,go for it.You can still go to name brand stores and purchase clothing,just more when you save money on purchases that you know they will outgrow faster than time itself.
Back to the loom,ok,I am always eager to learn something new,but I do believe I have found my click,loom knitting,and I still am needle tatting,made a pair of Fall Earrings this weekend,but with this when I want a break I can do the other,and working out fine so far.And now I am on the second color of it,it is green and white chenile yarn,and it is so soft.Thanks to 2 ladies there that evening they helped me pick out the right yarn and grade.Isn't it nice to know there are people who really are nice and want to help you and don't act like they don't want anyone else to know the tricks.I have found this with SOME who needle tat.It is like you want to learn  you do the best you can.Shame on people who act like that.
But also I have made pics,one problem,can't remember where I put the camerea,lolololo ok I know a major "BRAIN FART" I call it.lolololo and I will find it thou,who knows it maybe in my underwear drawer,lololo And last and most of all,LETS ALL PRAY FOR THE FAMILIES IN AURORA COLORADO,such a sad time,I cried with them and for them,can't imagine what they are going through.And remember to smile,and if possible give your FAMILY and FRIENDS a HUG,who knows when the last time maybe.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Igloo and other stuff

Past to present again,the Igloo is something I found downstairs that we have had for YEARS,and it is still as good as it was when we pruchased it years ago,and found the jar with United on it at my local shop here in town,it was something United Telephone gave out,I loved the snap lid on it.And the small red dish to the right of it is one I found at a thrift store,it was just clear,I painted the back red and sprayed a clear glaze over the paint,matches my other items on my table.and the blue (teal) jar to the left of the second picture is another decanter I am waiting to finish,with all the RAIN we are now getting it isn't a good time for the paint to dry.

Now too much rain,mushrooms

my granddaughter took these pics in the yard,now with all the rain we have had,we have these everywhere