Wednesday, March 28, 2012

MS Awareness Year Round and A new Bracelet

Today is another one of those days"Beautiful",had you there for a moment I bet,but it is nice,it is warm,and they are saying storms,of course.I looked at the calendar and it is the 28th of March.That means that March being the MS Awareness Month that probably no one other than those of us who suffer will not give it another thought until next March.Please try to remember those of us year around,without you guys we have no chance of getting the help that so many need.I have made a meat loaf for our dinner this evening,with everyone going and coming I have to have our dinner ready early,one going to work one coming home from school,one home from,then going back to work,shoo I just made my own head twirl,lololo,and good ole MAC-N-Cheese,yummy.I have needle tatted another bracelet today,felt like I should do something,got the material out to make the "little" girls their skirts,and decided nah just make a bracelet today,maybe this evening I will start cutting out the skirts,who knows.When I get them completed I will put on here,before and after shots as usual.I really want to go back to the shop and see if she has some more burlap,I have another idea,maybe just maybe,oh well we will see in a few days.The lady there is such a sweet lady,and if nothing else I do enjoy going down and just visiting with her while I browse the store.One thing for sure we can all use more friends,better than having to many enemies.One thing that I miss working is have interaction with humans.You can only talk to a dog so much,mine has gotten I think tired of hearing me so much,she growls now,hahahahah,telling me to shut up already I guess.But EVERYONE have a very Blessed rest of day,and please remember the Red Cross,I know I know,yes it means alot to us here in this area after last years tornadoes.But also remember to shop at your LOCAL retailers and the ones who are their own income shops,and most of all,SMILE

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