Thursday, August 30, 2012


So I am trying to get myself back on track,and it has been rough,but I have great friends that help.If not for them I don't know where I would be.Going through some personal stuff along with the MS can leave one frustrated,feeling alone,and feeling revenge.But will leave the later alone,lololo.

I finished 2 wreaths I had started for Halloween,going to use my old wreath and spice it up for my Fall Decorations.I purchased some things last yr after Fall at Hobby Lobby at 90% off so I have new to go along with my old.I call my new Halloween Wreath  "The Corpse Bride Wreath.The Netting hanging down is suppost to be a veil,and I added glitter to the flowers I purchased at the Dollar Tree.I took tulle and knotted strips around the wreath,so easy.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Matter of Time

They say your life can change in a matter of minutes,and yes I do believe this.And there isn't that anything we can do about it,I know.I live everyday with reminders that I have MS.I fight everyday to try to put it out of my mind,but it doesn't last long.And one of the worse case scenarios  to happen is when you are loosing your spouse because they don't know how to deal with it no more so than the one fighting.I wish I could go back to the way it use to be but that isn't practical.
I try everyday to do something,just make a stitch,paint a stroke or whatever and thou everyday we can't.What I am trying to say is that I hate this life just as bad as anyone else,but what am I to do?I can't go on living like this and can't expect my family to do that also.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Probably by chance the ones who really read my blog already know this,been a WEEK,16 month old granddaughter has walking pneumonia,my prego daughter and other 2 granddaughters were involved in an auto accident,and I am exhausted.Poor baby hasn't felt good and ran a temp.Plus she is teething on top of that.
And with all this I haven't got much done,except I did make or finish a Fall/Halloween wreath when my grandbaby slept,had to do something to make time a little better. And I did get a chair primered and ready to paint,when all this wildness stops.But I get so excited this time of year.I love going to all the Fall Festivals in the area,and Apple Festival in the area.I love seeing all the mums and pumpkins being used for decorations.And I can't wait to decorate either,my VERY FAVORITE Time,then after that the season to be MERRY,which we will patiently await the new arrival of our very first grandson.After 4 granddaughters we are awaiting with much enthusiasm.
And we are planning a Halloween/Fall get together for the granddaughters and their friends.A good ole weinee  and marshamallow roast.We missed last year,but we plan on brining the tradition back with full force this year,and with a new baby addition to their family it will make them feel like we haven't abandoned them again this year.And who doesn't like having a bunch of great kids around to make life more fun.So yes we are going to get everything in order from invitations to decorations,with corn shocks and pumpkins it is going to be a grand time again.And I will keep everyone updated as we go through time.
And living in NorthEast Tennessee this weekend WE all know it is RACETIME at Bristol Baby,and they are expecting a bigger crowd once again,and that means more traffic for those of us who dare to get out,which means not me,lololo.
But hope everyone has a GREAT WEEKEND,and with next weekend being Labor Day weekend,we may have to blow this summer out with all its glory,lololo we shall see.And Please REMEMBER to SMILE,)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Today would be a wonderful day
not to take life so seriously.
Today may end up the way you prefer -
and it may not.
Happiness is not about being a winner -
it's about being gentle with life -
being gentle with yourself.
Let life be a dance,
and choose the kind of
dance you want for today -
perhaps a gentle loving dance.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Today and yesterday have been different from days past,but with Today and my Tomorrows I hope and pray will be better.I always know when the MS Monster is trying to gain on me,I shed tears for no reason,oh they are for me a reason,but to someone who never has had to deal with it can't see the reason why.I  have made a couple of items while backing the Monster into the corner.I brought a lovely OLD BENCH home Sunday,and IT has many lives still left in it,and with it being made out of solid wood,not that cheap stuff,it has great potential.
And with that I leave you with a thought,please remember The American Red Cross,they always need help,they HELP so many.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Found the shelves here just stored,and got lucky and found 2 shelves at a antique shop at bargin prices (1.00) each and the small one at a thrift store.They were so easy to do,just primed and painted,and the gals loved them.


Yesterday I blogged that I have been busy,let me add to that and say to someone who has MS I have been busy.Monday was ok,Tuesday I barely could get out of bed,I think it was 11 am our time.Wednesday was better,my husband was off during the day and that is why I got out of the house.Today is still iffy,I feel like I have lifted the world with my arms.I wonder how in the world one part of the body can hurt so bad,but not the parts that go to or with them.Call it Myelin,that covers each of our nerves,but MS eats ours away.I think today I am carrying an elephant.
But even so I have and I am going to get some more of my work done today,I got up early and really and truly I am going to fight this today.I have a special Birthday coming up,my best friend who really is more a sister than if I had a sister could be,even thou we don't speak everyday,we both know and feel each other's life,and on her Birthday I am celebrating 1 yr of being smoke free,and I don't miss it.
And let me say NO ONE can or will quit until THEY want to.I know and I feel for anyone who is trying to quit.
I am getting so anxious about Fall and the cooler temps to be here,esp after a record breaking July Heat.I can't wait to decorate for Fall.Last year I started the first day of Sept. and my family are already kidding me about it again,the way I see it I am home all the time and I will be the one looking at it ALL the time,let me have some enjoyment,right,.lolololo
I also posted that I have been redoing frames and shelves for mygranddaughters' room.I am going to post the pics on here and can't wait to get them on their walls.And I think this weekend I will go and get a knitting loom that they and my daughter can use to make tobagons on.I know I will not be visiting the Antique Shops here,the hubby works so that means I have to stay at home,:( 
But everyone watch the weather,and remember please give to the American Red Cross,alot of people need help with all these terrible floods and storms,and most of ALL SMILE   :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It went to almost to dry to almost to wet for my vegetables,and the trees show how wet it has been and my Hydrangea Bush has doubled in size,she is very pretty.

Been Awhile

It has been probably a week since I have had the time to sit down and do this.I have been busy,the computer was down for a couple of days,and school started back for 2 of my 3 school-age granddaughters.Which I was busy trying to help them prepare,being grannie has its advantages,lololo.
I have eagerly been busy also,primed and painted picture frames and shelves for 2 of my granddaughters room.They live in an apt. and any color has to be done with items as this and peelable art,which they have done this also.I made a  doily for a Christmas gift yes a Christmas gift.And worked on another item for a birthday gift,will post after she gets it,lololo.
And of course I have been thrift store shopping plus Antiquing.And found a great little shop here in our town by accident on Facebook from a friend way back to high school.And it has great items,new jewelry,new purses,pillows,dolls,trinkets,yes my kind of shop.
Now to the important item I always suggest for anyone if they do read this,help the American Red Cross.This weekend here in our area on Sunday evening a neighboring city and county was hit with a flash flood.Luckily no one was injured or killed,but lives and homes have been torn upside down,the following link will lead it to one of the stories where a house had to be demolished because it was washed out onto a road,yes a road.So please give if you can to these great Volunteers of the American Red Cross.The following link is one of the many stories from then:           And ALSO Please remember to SMILE,everyone looks so pretty when you do.