Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dropping By

Wanted to stop by and say HELLO.My life took a wild turn last year with my daughter and grandchildren being thrown into us from issues that she had no control over.But we still try to maintain a normal life as we can.I have still been working on needle tatting and hoped I could get better,lololol one day.Been busy with a new grandson and another one on the way in Oct. not the same daughter and so happy.We are busy preparing for a wedding in 2 weeks,she has done so much herself,and it is hard living in a different state,and getting married in a different area makes it hard,and I hate she has had to take care of so much on her own.And trying to find something comfortable to wear and pretty is also hard to do.Took one back and purchased 2 more,lololol I have sown and now replanted Marigolds galore,I hope what I read that they keep mosquitoes away,because I sure have alot of pots full of them.My husband moved one flower garden closer to the house which I was so HAPPY.And actually we did a better job,or he did I should actually say.I gave up on flowers almost when I was diagnosed with MS.Then I thought how STUPID.So my flowers are back better and bigger.But just thought I would stop by and say hello if anyone still reads this.