Sunday, February 24, 2013


I can't believe my daffodils are blooming and we are to have snow showers Again this week,so ready for spring.My Forsythia bush has buds on it,so not long before it will be blooming.The daylilies are popping through,my rhubarb is coming along nicely.I have left both covered with leaves and pineneedles till after the threat of snow and freezing temps are no longer a threat. My youngest daughter turned 31 yesterday,and her daughters (2) oldest ones made her cupcakes and put edilbe sheets of decorations that they use Whilton molds to cut them out with.They did a great job,I was very proud of them. This next week seems to be a busy one,I hope I can handle it all that needs to be done,I get to go visit my other daughter in NC and I simply can't wait.For those who do read this and doesn't know,she is getting married in June in NC at the beach.We need to plan and tie up ends that need to be done.Hopefully I can find a dress down there while there,I doubt if I will,but going to look none the less. Hope everyone else has a great week,and please remember and I know it is hard some days but please SMILE : ).

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