Friday, February 22, 2013

New Lives

We have been here with the new grandbaby,he is such a bundle of joy and life is complete with all the family,well almost,we are going to have a new soninlaw in June.Have got to get busy next weekend helping my daughter with plans to finish when we get to go visit her.I need to do so much before June and I really hope to get some progress made,with things here at home.Now that my other daughter is back to work and back to herself (not being pregant) we hopefully will.Got new plant and flowers beds to make,got to get seeds so when the weather and time is ready for them we will already have them on hand. I have learned in the past week how to make simple Crochet links,yeah to me,lolol.And I have been needle tatting Easter Egg pretties for the grandchildren.So I hope maybe I will be back at least now once a week to post on here and see whatevery one else is doing.If you read this and don't know about LIFE CAN BE SIMPLE on FACEBOOK.Please visit,I am there now so much more and more people seem to visit than on here.Here's to a good week ahead and happy trails.

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