Monday, September 23, 2013

As Promised

I am trying to do this once a week,but I am going to go out of town to my daughters',she is very very much prego,and I plan on being with her at his birth,been with all the other 5 and no.6 is going to have his "mamaw" there also. I have been busy trying to keep my mind from giving in to the loss of our friend.I have made an owl puppet for my 2 yr old granddaughter,a owl pillow for one of my 9 yr old granddaughter,and working on apron,yes aprons.It is something that I have found that you can jazz up and I know that one daughter has already said she wanted one,so Christmas will be the giving of aprons for gifts.Have been making orange tobaggans to wear,but now I need to make 2 more I haven't found any orange yarn,so I am not sure what to do,I have one more store,BEN FRANKLINS to see if they have any. With it being the Fall Season,I love the colors,they can be a burst of color.And we live here in North East TN. which with all the RAIN we had this summer forecast is for a Burst of fabulous Fall Colors. Rem always SMILE,be RESPECTFUL,and never ever pass Judgement,I am so and I have a REASON,just remember it might just be me trudging down that aisle and lucky to get out,and pray you never end up like this.Rem. the American Red Cross.

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