Sunday, September 8, 2013

Been Awhile Again

I have been busy with the Facebook page and it is at times more than I can handle.I still try to do as much as I can,I refuse to give in to this MS mess.On the outside we may look fine,but on the inside we are more than anything that.I was busy with the flowers this year,and with all the rain we had my daisies did nothing,and I was disappointed,since I planted more in the tire I painted yellow.I still do needle tatting from time to time,just can't seem to get into that right now.Been busy making Buntings for the new grandson due in October.The last one I did was like the one on Pinterest that looks like a pumpkin with the little toboggan hat that looks like the top of a pumpkin. We have been busy this summer also with the grandchildren.We have been visiting the one that lives out of state,that I miss dearly,and then the other 4 keeps us on our toes.But it maybe another few months till I am back on here but please be sure to visit us at Facebook, LIFE CAN BE SIMPLE.

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