Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Was a Wonderful 2 days

Got to go a day earlier to see my daughter and granddaughter who recently moved out of state.It was a pleasant but hot trip,I stayed in the air alot,but we got to go to my favorite Thrift Store there,Value Village,got one of my granddaughters a pair of Abercrombie  Jeans,and Old Navy shorts,in total 4 pair of Jeans,and 2 pair of shorts,ready for this,$21.00.But didn't find much else,plus didn't have time to look at everything,next time I visit her I will make more time.It was a great time,and I missed them as soon as I left.But my husband made this visit a little longer,we got to spend 2 days instead of one,spent the night,and loved every minute with them.She found at a Goodwill there 4 spools of the thread that I use,and colors I needed.So to say I had even more a great trip.I was so THANKFUL for it all,I needed  away from these 4 walls.
So everyone have a great day and week,remember it is easier to smile than to frown.

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