Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Been Awhile But Great Interaction

It has been awhile,and I hope that if anyone does read mine,please know it was just alot going on.
We had a good Memorial Day Weekend at the Great Smoky Mtns,A great place to get away to,even thou I do miss the beach more.But we did stay in a rustic cabin in a campground,and I did love that.I miss the interaction you have at a campground that you do not have in a Condo.So I am thinking we have found our love again,meeting and actually TALKING to humans,not just say going up,going down,or have a nice day.We need,ALL of us interaction with PEOPLE.And the campground there in Pigeon Forge TN,at Eagles Nest was awesome.One of the campers one night had a fish fry and made Cheesy Grits,oh my goodness,my 14 month old granddaughter and myself cleaned our plate,so delicious,and the fish was great also.This is what I mean when WE ALL NEED TO INTERACT AGAIN.And one cabin beside of us had kids my granddaughters age and they actually played in the yard between us,yes they PLAYED.And the group on the other side had giggly teen age girls,and it was crazy the way they played tricks on each other.Again they got OUT and INTERACTED with each other and us.They swam in the pool,they took walks,and played on the playground,plus we went to the top of the Mountain.
Haven't really done much in the way of making anything,just a few items,but got to get busy,you guys have got to give the PUSH again.
Hope everyone has had a great week and week ahead.Rem. the American Red Cross,they are a awesome group.

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