Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Manic Monday

Today is really a better day,got rest,my granddaughter is feeling better,had a virus over the weekend plus cutting her teeth,made for a rough and crying weekend for her.And now she can't leave our dog alone.So yes we are feeling better.
The Princess Diana Rose that I posted on here yesterday is the only rose I have.I spend all my effort on it,because I have found out with any of my flowers,only have one of something that takes extra special care,because we never know our good days or bad ones will come.I have 2 varieties of Lillies,they are in different parts of my flower beds,they spread so easy.I have hosta in 3 different beds,they also spread and make a easy preannials also.I have my ornamental Hibiscus which grows normally to over 5 ft tall.We cover it good every fall with pine needles.And then I purchase every year a couple of annuals to take care of,not much,because with the heat comes easy exhaustion.We no longer put a garden out,we have a few tomato and pepper plants.And we have wild and tame blackberries to enjoy in a few weeks with them all blooming now.And then in the late summer we will have apples from my dad's apple trees.So whatever you can find that doesn't require alot do it,even if you do not have MS and are just busy with work and family,please find something or a few somethings to help take your mind off of life's situations.And while you do you are making the world a much prettier place to be in.
And always remember to smile and talk to your plants,they really do listen and thrive better.

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