Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Been Awhile

Once again I did come back to see if anyone will read this.I have tried so to make attention that WE are still ALIVE just because we have a disease such as Multiple Sclerosis doesn't mean a death sentence.We can still strive to survive.And I know that many of you have more symptoms than myself,but WE have to fight,find and defeat this disease.I must not be doing a good job of trying to find a fight in anyone who lives with a dibiletating disease. I will am putting some pics on here to show that there is a world out there,and we must see it,for myself I know I want to see ALL that is there to SEE,while I can.
And with EVERYTHING THERE IS A BATTLE,it depends on how we CLIMB that Mountain,we can struggle or we can make and do whatever is the easiest way to go.But WE HAVE TO CLIMB TO SEE WHAT CAN BE FOR US.

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