Thursday, October 25, 2012

Back to It,Even if you don't

Yesterday had some Trials and Tribulations.Took one of my granddaughters' to the doc.Then she spilled Cranberry Juice love her heart.But before I took her to the doc I made tea-dyed snowmen.They are made from my white chenile bedspread the kiddies got playdough on and it dried without them telling me,lolol so like me I found another use for it. Today is to be another beautiful day before the COLD weather hits us this weekend.So I really need to cut out more snowmen so I can tea-dye them and hang out to dry.I just took some cord and strung it out on the deck after I took them out of the tea water.I used 5 tea-bags to a cup of BOILING WATER. and had enough to do 5 snowmen or 10 pieces.Worked out really good I think,but I still like the white ones I made also,so thinking of making half tea-dyed and half the regular way.My youngest daughter likes the "Primitive" so may just make enough for her and her sister to share. Everyone have a great day,enjoy if the weather hasn't changed where you are at 5 TEABAGS (this was all I had at the time) 1 CUP of Boiling Water.Just made sure the snowmen were completely saturated.Squeezed out excessive(by doing this I knew if the needed soaking again or not). Hang to dry. I used Brown Beads for the eyes,Black Beads for the Buttons,and a Orange Bead for the nose. .

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