Friday, October 5, 2012

Thought About It

I have thought about giving up on this blog so much this week,I really don't think anyone cares that PEOPLE REALLY EXIST WITH MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS.But WE DO.I was hoping to bring this to ATTENTION of those who do not have any idea what LIVING WITH MS can be like,but I really don't think the majority of you do NOT CARE. I continue to do things as I can,I have learned to needle TAT,LOOM KNITTING,I love to redo furniture as I can when I can,takes awhile,but I DO TRY.I have been taking photos of what the climate is changing from Summer to Fall,but I really don't think anyone cares either.I am not on a pity party,I really think that those of US who live with MS have no chance in HECK getting it across to those who don't suffer and don't want to know about it.I am adding a picture I took while I was sitting in the Van at Lowes waiting on my husband,because I could not at the time walk in there and around the store,yes people we really can't get out like the normal Joe can.I am having a good morning and I just feel like I need to get across to more of you and I really don't know how. I really hope all of you get out and enjoy your weekend and while you do think about those of us who have a dilibilating disease that have to spend their days sitting at home or sitting in a care,yes you.
And this is just one of the items I have made this week,I knitted this cover for a candy bowl for Christmas.

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