Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thank Goodness

Sunday I had my doubts,but it has already been a better week.Not only was my MS trying to make a entrance I came down with the "CRUD".I started taking Allergy meds last week,and then Mussinex,and I do not like that stuff,but it has helped.My pharmasict told me once not to take Allery meds that his mom has MS and it makes it worse,but I have had to take something,and now I do feel like I am on my way to getting rid of the "CRUD". We are in "FALL" mode now also,we have had rain now for 2 days,and our temps are to and have already made changes.I am so ready but then I am not.Got alot of stuff to do and I have no time for feeling bad,too bad to not to one project aday.I think with everything going on it stressed me out and I got the "CRUD" lololol.I have a Baby Shower to get ready for in November,then the Holidays.Then the Birth of our 5th granchild,our 5th,this one is a grandson after 4 granddaughters.I have got gift to make,oh my. But I went Saturday to the antique that is on one story,and found one idea and made it yesterday.Many others to make but I will make it,with HIS Strength and push and everyone else I believe and have to believe I will make it. So hope everyone finds something also to make,it doesn't have to be huge,and if it isn't prefect it already is,something you made and that always makes it perfect,made with love.So remember to always SMILE,it really does help people like me,makes us feel better deep within. )

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