Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Month Almost Come and Gone

Time flies so fast,a birthday past and over half a year gone,where does time go? I had a good birthday,got to go see where my daughter and granddaughter moved to out of state,got to go thirft store shopping then and over the weekend.Went to one of my favorite craft store and purchased a knitting loom.
And I know I will be going back and getting a better one,I LOVE IT.Making a baby blanket for my new grandson to be here around the New Year.
At the thrift store this weekend I really didn't find much,a new spiders web to put in the middle of my Halloween Wreath,and ready to make my new Fall Wreath,got single flowers at Hobby Lobby also,marked down to .60 each.Found capris for my granddaughters,GAP AND OLD NAVY.Who can't beat that for a little over $2. each,not me when you have 4 to buy for and a grandson on the way.Don't get me wrong but I love shopping at KOHLS and JC PENNEY,but when you can find that deal for NAME BRAND cloths,go for it.You can still go to name brand stores and purchase clothing,just more when you save money on purchases that you know they will outgrow faster than time itself.
Back to the loom,ok,I am always eager to learn something new,but I do believe I have found my click,loom knitting,and I still am needle tatting,made a pair of Fall Earrings this weekend,but with this when I want a break I can do the other,and working out fine so far.And now I am on the second color of it,it is green and white chenile yarn,and it is so soft.Thanks to 2 ladies there that evening they helped me pick out the right yarn and grade.Isn't it nice to know there are people who really are nice and want to help you and don't act like they don't want anyone else to know the tricks.I have found this with SOME who needle tat.It is like you want to learn  you do the best you can.Shame on people who act like that.
But also I have made pics,one problem,can't remember where I put the camerea,lolololo ok I know a major "BRAIN FART" I call it.lolololo and I will find it thou,who knows it maybe in my underwear drawer,lololo And last and most of all,LETS ALL PRAY FOR THE FAMILIES IN AURORA COLORADO,such a sad time,I cried with them and for them,can't imagine what they are going through.And remember to smile,and if possible give your FAMILY and FRIENDS a HUG,who knows when the last time maybe.

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