Monday, July 30, 2012

Not Much

The weekend and today have not been very eventful for me as far as creating anything.Still working on the baby blanket on the knitting loom,on my third section,weaved the first 2 together.I just love  loom knitting,I hate that I never found it years ago.I have cut out and sewn 2 Lace Wedding Cuffs,got the elastic and ribbon sewn on,but not finished them,reason for my delays,MS.Yes my MS is working overtime,which has left me NOT.Have had the muscle spasm,even in my neck which is making it harder to swallow,and then MY great headache.But I will fight this mess head on.
One of my daughters' took me out Saturday evening,husband in toll also,and I really enjoyed it and needed it.Went to another city to a Mall.Went into some stores I have never went into,one selling jewelry and clothes,and who can't pass up a deal buy one get one for a PENNY,yelp I got some real pretty earrings,one pair are feahters,and I love them,look alright on this 53 year old grandmother.
My other daughter got to go see Brandi Carlise,one of my favorites of today.She would  call me along and let me hear her,oh how I wished it had been indoors.Anyone with MS know you can't take the heat.Sometimes I feel like just risking it all,but then I pay dearly.
And I hope everyone remembers to smile and please give to the American RedCross,if not in money,give time,or even moreso Blood.Right now in our area they are in dire need of donors,so please give.

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