Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thinking I am OVER IT

This morning I have gotten myself I do believe out of the stooper I have been in. Looking in the BHG website(Better Homes & Garden) and really found some great ideas.We have got to find and make some pretty designs to put on my granddaughters walls,without any painting to directly on the them.Have been looking at Canvas but that will require too much for to little,so I found it,going to make wall panels,using cardboard and material that I will find at thrift stores,buying sheets and other finds in colors even going to check the fabric stores and using cardboard to use as what we will cover.I will make pictures when I get it all together and as I progress.Plus I have plenty of paint to make plain glass containers such as vases new life and much prettier,plus I need to do more gift giving gifts,so yes I have DRAGGED MYSELF out of this again.
I hope Everyone had a safe and festive 4th of July,we enjoyed 3 of our 4 granddaughters,watched the parade,had burgers and hot dogs,my daughter got me to go to the pool where she lives,and then we watched   Fireworks from her home,loved it loved it loved it.
And again please take Safety into your main objective while enjoying the rest of the summer.We had one to drown because of a boat wasn't wired correctly at a dock and a child got electrocuted,PLEASE make all the necessary precautions and enjoy.
And with all the damage from recent storms from here to the Eastern Coasts remember to give to the Red Cross,they do so much.

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