Friday, July 27, 2012

Wow Friday Already

I can't believe it is Friday and only a few days left in the month of July,where does time go? Well I have to say,mine has been sorta of productive,4th of July,Birthday,went to visit my daughter and granddaughter in their new State,found out my new grandbaby will be a boy,got a Loom to learn to knit,did learn to use the loom,went school shopping,found BIG  name brand clothes.Then to OLD NAVY and found lots of great buys and mark downs,even for the 1 1/2 yr old,shoes,tops,shorts,and even a pair of Jeans with NO flaws for $1.97.I look and I search when I feel like it,and 2 nights ago I did and gave it my all,lololo.With 3 granddaughters in school and a toddler and a new grandson on the way,this old granny looks for buys.And like I posted before when you go to THRIFT STORES and find expensive name brand clothes for 2 bucks,yes YOU can go to name brand dept stores and find great deals there with the money you had saved for this.A WIN WIN situation!!
And with that the Month is almost gone,shoo time is flying past me,got so much to do,and sure have got to feel like I can.Fighting MS all summer with the heat and the humidty has been terrible,but we will fuss when winter gets here.Got another part of the blanket started on the loom,and then to weave the 2 sections together.Got my friends' birthday present made,just need to get more made.And I am making things again with the needle tatting when I need a break with the other stuff.At least I have found something that doesn't require alot of physical attention,just mind bungling,lolololo.And I have got to finish the Butterfly pillows for 2 granddaughters,they share  the same room,so I try to make things alike.
But anyway,Hope everyone has a great weekend,stay safe if any storms do come to your area,watch the wind,rain,and lightning.And please most of all do these:Give to the Red Cross if possible,they help so many,Smile,and when possible give great big HUGS.

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