Thursday, September 27, 2012


I haven't been well,but today I hope brings changes,we will see.Yesterday my granddaughter and I went for a walk around the house,just seeing what we could,and of course I didn't take the camera,and that was a shame,we had a butterfly making a beauty of herself.She was flying all around us,and I knew by the time we got in the house and back out she would be gone.She was so pretty.So gracefully flying around us and my granddaughter loved it.I hope today to go back out and see if she is still around,I put a pic of what she looked like,and maybe today I can get the real picture. I have decorating the outside some,have got all the Fall decorations out,and maybe if doesn't rain this weekend I will do the Halloween decorating.This is the last weekend of September,so think it isn't to early now. I love this time of year,just not the winter that follows.I have so much to look forward to and to be thanful for,I just do not like being stuck in the house even more.I have started on my needle tatting again,got one doily made this week and another one started.Need several made for gifts,and I know thou I will come through.And I hope each of you are making something pretty also that will encourage me even more.Hope everyone has a good day,hang in there,if I can you surely will,and remember to SMILE ;)
The One similar to what we saw yesterday just taking her time and flying around us.
Just a little of my decorations

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