Thursday, August 9, 2012


Yesterday I blogged that I have been busy,let me add to that and say to someone who has MS I have been busy.Monday was ok,Tuesday I barely could get out of bed,I think it was 11 am our time.Wednesday was better,my husband was off during the day and that is why I got out of the house.Today is still iffy,I feel like I have lifted the world with my arms.I wonder how in the world one part of the body can hurt so bad,but not the parts that go to or with them.Call it Myelin,that covers each of our nerves,but MS eats ours away.I think today I am carrying an elephant.
But even so I have and I am going to get some more of my work done today,I got up early and really and truly I am going to fight this today.I have a special Birthday coming up,my best friend who really is more a sister than if I had a sister could be,even thou we don't speak everyday,we both know and feel each other's life,and on her Birthday I am celebrating 1 yr of being smoke free,and I don't miss it.
And let me say NO ONE can or will quit until THEY want to.I know and I feel for anyone who is trying to quit.
I am getting so anxious about Fall and the cooler temps to be here,esp after a record breaking July Heat.I can't wait to decorate for Fall.Last year I started the first day of Sept. and my family are already kidding me about it again,the way I see it I am home all the time and I will be the one looking at it ALL the time,let me have some enjoyment,right,.lolololo
I also posted that I have been redoing frames and shelves for mygranddaughters' room.I am going to post the pics on here and can't wait to get them on their walls.And I think this weekend I will go and get a knitting loom that they and my daughter can use to make tobagons on.I know I will not be visiting the Antique Shops here,the hubby works so that means I have to stay at home,:( 
But everyone watch the weather,and remember please give to the American Red Cross,alot of people need help with all these terrible floods and storms,and most of ALL SMILE   :)

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