Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day

I know that Sunday is Mother's Day,and even thou my real mom is still alive,and thankful for that,I still had 2 mothers that are in Heaven and I miss them so very much.One was a Paternal Aunt and one was a Maternal  Aunt whom I just lost last May.I stayed with her almost everyday from December 18 2010 till day and night from April  till May when we lost her last year.My other aunt stayed with us alot  while my brothers and me were growing up.And we stayed alot with my aunt that I lost last year.Anyone can be a mom and then there are  TRUE BLUE Mothers I  call them,and yes I had 3.I have a flower basket pieces of a quilt to make that my aunt gave me last year to finish.I can't do it yet,and even thou I speak of them today on here my heart aches from the loss and I do know they are better off where they are,I still can' help but miss them.I know she wants me to start and finish it and maybe I will after this weekend.I told one of my daughters' this morning I want to sew something so maybe she is pushing me to.And I know that my other aunt is the one who pushed me into tatting,she could needlepoint anything.
And I got out today,YEAH,lololo went to Hobby Lobby this morning,got thread,more beads,and a paper mache box actually a jewelry box and scrap book paper to make my oldest granddaughter for her birthday the first of June.And of course Mother's Day gifts.I do believe I walked the entire store and was ready to sit down when we left.And when I find my cord for the camera I have pics to put on here,me and that cord do not get along,hahaha.
But I do hope that EVERYONE has a great Mother's Day,and remember if you had a Great Aunt as good and lucky as I was remember her this Mother's Day also,I just bet you will get a big SMILE and HUG.And what more could anyone ask for.

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