Saturday, September 22, 2012


Today was a day that I really needed to see this Balloon.There was two of them and they both went over our house.I really appreciated being able to see it.I can't put my finger on it if is a relapse of MS,or am I depressed.I think it is both,maybe wrong,oh well,whichever I needed those balloons to go over my house. I have not worked on one single thing today,and that isn't right.I have got to focus on what needs to be done,and not what I am thinking is going on,make sense?? It was pretty here,and suppost to be tomorrow,but after that oh well,maybe that is what I need,a cool-down to get me warmed up and doing something. But I really hope all of you have a nice weekend also.I think one of my daughter's is getting me out tomorrow,and I am ready.Going to try to got to two of my favorite antique shops and browse around. But remember to SMILE ;) it really does help.

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