Monday, May 14, 2012

Good Busy Morning

Up early,got a great package this am,my 13 month old granddaughter until her dad gets her,and trust me she was a wonderful sight this morning.And have my granddaughter with me home today,Teacher's Inservice,and it is  a rainy morning,but she is on her mom's Kendall.
Last evening my daughters went out with their daughters to see a movies,so I saw something yesterday at the Antique store that caught my eye,a pillow,yes a pillow.So I got out some vintage  Linen napkins I had bought a few weeks back( .50) at another one and yards of lace for I think a $1.00 ,and 10 yards of Domestic for $1.00,and my mind went to work and thought I can make one like that,only with the vintage Linen napkins instead of regular material,and it had lace in it also.It was $10. and I knew mine could only be for pennies.So yes I went to work while they were gone,and the I had the baby who took a nap,and I hit the ole sewing machine.The pillow is in the back ground of the picture with the supplies in front.I hope you guys like it.
And hope you enjoy Monday,ours is very very wet,with Rain all day,so when daddy gets the baby I will be busy making 3 more.So Happy Monday and remember to SMILE,even thou it is Monday and even thou it's raining here got lots to do.

And hope you enjoyed the new addition to our family,the Raggedy Ann on the right of the picture.

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  1. I hope your Mother's Day was a happy one, mine was! I love the pillows that you made, very pretty. And the new addition to your family! So cute!