Sunday, May 20, 2012


I have had such a good weekend.Went down to our Main Street through town and enjoyed another night of Blue Grass last night,they were so good.Got to see the lady where I get most of my fabric again,she was sitting out front of her store listening to the great music.Isn't it great you get to know someone and enjoy the matter of living.
Went downtown again today to the Library,took the girlies with us and got books and pamplet stating their Summer Activites to take them too.Not just because I have a daughter who is a teacher,and one who is very artistic,I encourage and always have to ace in reading.
Then we went to another favorite of mine,another Antique Shop and got upholstery pieces.One a wall hanging,the American Flag,A Butterfly for my granddaughter's room and myself a Table Runner for my Dining Room Table,something I can use with placemats I already have,got lucky.And my oldest granddaughter was like "kid in a toy store",we have always said she has an "old Soul",she loves it.Picked out somethings for her birthday,thank goodness.
And I have needle tatted a necklace and earrings for my oldest granddaughter's birthday in a few days.She has seen it and has no idea,love her she is so easy to buy and make for.
But  hope eveyone had a Great Weekend and enjoy a nice peaceful,relaxing Sunday!!!

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