Monday, September 3, 2012

Today I saw an old manual typewriter on a FB page much like this,and reminded my from back in the day,yes I typed on one in our Typing class,there wasn't enough to go around for me to use an electric typewriter,and then I purchased a used one in my senoir year to get my typing skills up,more words per min.I wish today I still had the typewriter like this one,they were a marvelous piece of machinery.And then in the 90's when I was working in the HIS dept at a hospital we got our first computers.Yes and look how far we have come since then.Keeping up with admissions and discharges was done with "top sheets' put in a admit book and then when patients went home we took the and added them to the "discharge book" with all doctors who saw the patient pen written on the sheets.Can you image how ESTATIC we were to get a computer that printed off all and all we had to do was enter the MR and ACCT numbers,so much simplier.So what I am saying is I am Vintage,in a good way,lolololo and I do love VINTAGE.Something that lasts so much longer and lasts and lasts...
I am working on an old chair been repainting it and new upholstery,another vintage item.And I guess that is why I wanted to learn to "needle tat" something from the past,vintage.And I am thankful for all the conveniences of today,just somethings were made to last from "back in the day".
And I have to add once again"Please give to the American Red Cross",they have their hands full now with all the damage from Issace.And people are so thankful when they see the Red Cross vehicle pull up.And last but not least please smile,  ;) it really does help all involved.

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