Thursday, September 13, 2012


This evening it was so comfortable out,finally,and my husband and myself were enjoying the wonderful cooler temps and waiting on the sun to go down.We were discussing all that needs to be done before winter.And he proceeded in telling me about a gentleman at one of the jobs he works(has 2) and about the persimmon he took to work today.The gentleman cut the persimmon and took the small seed out and cut into it gently.It looked the shape of a spoon.And according to this getleman we here in the North East mountains of Tennesse are in for a alot of wet heavy snows.I have heard alot of folklore about the weather in my life,living in the mountains that happens,lololo but never this with the persimmon seed.So I guess it will be a wait and see.
I have been trying to stay busy but with MS it is hard alot of times to do some "things".I am getting my Fall and Autumn decorations when I can,making a few things but nothing this week to brag about.It has just not been a good week for me,but I know it will get better.I have alot of family behind me and pushing me along not to give in.
I am looking forward to my daughter and granddaughter coming home for the weekend tomorrow,Friday.We already have plans to look at venues for her reception nex June.Can't believe how places get booked so far in advance.They are having a beach wedding and the reception here in her home town,and one place is a Mansion and the Barn here.It is beautiful,the barn,the pics are awesome of it.And another one is a rooftop venue,which is so pretty decorated.So we will see.I am looking with her online for her design of a bridal dress.It is both their second and she is as anxious as she was the first time,she says this is the one,lololo.But anyway after the birth of our very first grandson,I will be busy helping her planner with all the decorations and planning here for her.I am so anxious.I use to do wedding and direct them as a second job and LOVED every minute of it.
Enough I know,but I am so excited and like I said "they" help me with this miserable MS.And with that I hope everyone has a great weekend as I have already getting planned,and remember the American Red Cross.And most of all SMILE,it really does help and it catches on really fast, ;)

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