Thursday, September 6, 2012

Seems like I am only on here late at night,but that does happen,no sleep.I finally finished up on my chair that repainted and reupholstered the seat,looks great and the young girls love it,of course.
We went to my favorite Antique shop here and only was there for a few,it is so hot and steamy here,we are getting the rain,and that shots the humidity up.Let me add I got some pretty canning jars.
Another story that touched my heart today was what Kellie Pickler did for her BEST friend,and I honestly can say I would do it also,my hair is a wild mess anyway,loloBut what a way to show that you care.I guess that is the country gal in her.
And with that we are looking forwrd to a wedding next June,and shoo I forgot what that was like,10 yrs since the last one,and love her heart my daughter and granddaughter found their soul mate,or should say my daughter did,and he and his family have been so good to them so far.And her living out-of-state and planning is going to be pushing alot next year.But my MS and myself are ready for the road ahead of us anyway,got a new grandbaby,grandson, due the first of Jan.but all bets are on the end of December she never goes her term.And with helping my other daughter prepare for him to take a position in this family is going to be a joy also.But the canning jars maybe in her wedding reception,it will be here in her hometown,and her wedding will take place at the beach,a small ceremony with just family,since both had been married before they opted for this,but it will be just as grand as if a big formal one,and her reception will be here in a lovely venue.
And then the day after Halloween decorating for Christmas,yes with my daughter going to be very pregant we have to do what has to be done at both homes,yes homes,you can have houses,but they must be a home to have love and caring in.
And again remember the Red Cross,so much they do,and remember SMILE,k

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