Monday, September 10, 2012

Where Has Time Gone

I can't believe that September is here and not long to the end of the year.I hope it stays nice just like it is right now till winter.Got to get my house ready for winter but going to sure enjoy my Autumn.We live in the prettiest area for fall foliage,and with several festivals this time of year there is never a lack of places to go,that is if my MS behaves,and it sure better,lolo. I have got alot going on in the future,and yes I have to have a reason to keep "truckin" and not to give in.Got to get Halloween costumes and decorating done for Fall and Halloween.And we are such kids at heart in this family,when people snarl their noses up in the air about Fall or Halloween,they need to enjoy life in our household.I hope my daughters and granddaughters always continue to enjoy life and living.We love roasting weeinees and marshmallows over an open fire,being around others this time of year also. Got to prepare then for Christmas and for the birth of our first grandson,4 granddaughters later love its heart.lololo We are hoping he will be here around New Years',that would be one day he could claim right to celebrate. With that I want us all to remember SEPT.11,please have a brief moment prayer,or whatever your belief for all the families that still struggle,and give to the AMERICAN RED CROSS,always there for anyone,and most of all please SMILE.

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