Thursday, September 20, 2012

Think Autumn Is Here

This morning it is cool,and this weekend down in the low 40's for the night time,yes people Fall is here.The apples are ready to be harvested from the trees,the pumpkins and gourds have been or are being brought in from the fields,yes Autumn is here.I am so anxious now,it is closer to all the Festivals in the area,and they can be so much fun.I know there is one I want to go to here in our area,it is called "The Exchange Place".The life is recreated from the very early settlers in our area.There is so much in this area to visit for one day or a nice Weekend getaway.I am so anxious to try to get to Asheville NC this Fall.There are some Thrift Stores there I want to visit,and there are shops close to The Biltmore that I want to do some Christmas shopping at.And My MS had better give me a relief so I can get out away from these 4 walls. Last night I decided to start on something new after I got half of the baby blanket done,I decided after going to PINTEREST again,lololololol to loom knit the cover that goes over a glass bowl for Christmas,and yes I do believe I did do it,I was up until 3 am,sometime with MS you can't sleep and then other times that's all you want to do,but back to the comment of the "snowman" glass bowl cover I made last night.It turned out cute I thought.It was better for me to just make one than find a sock or sweater to cut up for it.And the best part I have a granddaughter who is finding her love of using the knitting loom,hey she is only 7 will be 8 in December and she is doing such a great job on her baby brother's cap that is due in first of January. I have got to get busy also and make more doilies needle tatting.Another reason my MS had better behave,lolololol So I hope everyone has a great day and you can get out and enjoy "Living",it doesn't have to be climbing mountains,it can be getting out and looking at the mountain.And remember to smile,others may feel like have climbed a mountain. ;)

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