Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just Wondering and Jack Osborne

I read a post of a fellow blogger,and she stated that she felt sorry  for Bloggers who try to Blog and can't.I hope and I am afraid I am one she might had been referring too.If I bore you or whatever please please leave me a comment and I will try to do better,and I really am considering stopping.
I have not been to busy,it is hot,and the heat when I go out makes me YUK.I really do need  to finish the quilt I have started,but can't get my heart into it.I have got to finish the doily I have started,and I really need to do some cleaning but yuk.lololo But I have had some LIFE Situations that cannot be helped but just trying to deal with,and that is why I can't get motivated.WE NEVER know what Curve Balls will be thrown at us do we.
I also have to comment about Jack Osborne being diagnosed also with MS.I so hate it for ANYONE who is diagnosed with any disease,and Rich or Poor we are all the same,and people should not make comments just because he is well-known,just think what they are going through also.We all Should BE NICE,and not make Negative Comments,be kind and not inhuman about anyone.
Well with that I am through,except to say I really wished I knew a Rain-Dance,my flowers are doing good with me watering them everyday,we so need rain,and for my few vegetables I have planted.
Hope Everyone has a Blessed Day,and please I know all to well how hard it can be to smile,but try it,you might just make someone else smile, )


  1. I couldn't hit a curve ball when I was 12, sure I can't now.

  2. I bet you did,and probably well,thanks for the reply,I was getting worried,hang in there,you know if a 53 yr old grandmother can WE all can