Sunday, June 24, 2012

2 parts today,Part 1

I have alot to write about today,for one yesterday was a GOOD day for me,got out went thrift store and antique shopping,loved it,went to Strutt Ruttin,where trucks try to make it from one end of a mud pit to the other,and yes they do throw mud.I loved it and so Thankful for yesterday.I may not do anything today,but I have such great memories today,and HOPE for more tomorrows like yesterday was.
We had blessed rain Friday evening and night,but more HOT temps this week,99 by Friday,to this is going to be a catch up week for everything I really need to catch up on.Started on a headband last night late,was so hyped up I could not sleep.And I got another smaller American Flag Tapestry to finish at the Antique Shop,so I plan on completing it tonight.I bought one Christmas Gift there also yesterday,yes I know it is only June,but we always try to be finished by Halloween as much as possible anyway.
My daughter is moving out of state this week and it is a good thing I have so much to do,my granddaughter has lived with us since she was 4,and will be 8 next month,so I will be so unhappy seeing her go,having her around everyday has so much helped me also live with my MS.And I can't let it slow me down now.
So here is part 1 of today's blog.And remember to SMILE,because I am really going to need to see smiles this week.

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