Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nice Day

I could live in the 50's every morning,and today in the low 80s but come Thursday and Friday "The Heat" will be back,one channel is saying  103 for Friday,and we are in need of RAIN.I feel like by the weekend there will be a ban on Fireworks,and I can't blame them if they do,even thou I love fireworks.
Got my granddaughters' headbands complete,so she can take them when she moves Friday.A bad all around  for me,with her moving out of state.But she isn't that far away that "mamaw" can't go see her for a weekend once in a while.
Got to pick the Blackberries today and tomorrow,since I do feel like I can and the weather is working with  me,picked a few the other day,going to make me some flavored water with them and some added mint,have a picture of a few from the other day.
I have a pair of earring needle tatted done,going to make my daughter another pair before she leaves also.Then this weekend with the heat on and the hubby working,and daughter and granddaughter gone I have alot of items to do and make.My best friend from high school and more like a sister I never had want  find a craft sale to set up in the fall,if possible.Plus most of my Christmas is going to be hand-made.
I have little cucumbers on the vine and zuchinni also,my summer squash isn't doing as well,I have to keep ALL of them water,so hoping it would rain here from TS Debby but she will be making either a left turn we think at this point,so no rain for us.
I hope everyone has a very Blessed Day,I am going to try very hard,and remember to SMILE,it is contagious.

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