Friday, June 15, 2012


With this Sunday being Father's Day I live with the biggest PROCASTATINATOR,everything and I mean everything can be put off till tommorrow,I guess that is another reason I have had to be such a Fighter.I don't mean he is a mean person,and for the most part he is lazy when it comes and has in the past about anything that has to do with home.He has a one track mind and I think that is another issue he needed to address a LONG time ago.He provided for his children,at his speed and time,and also spent time with us at his time and opportunity. I guess what I am asking for anyone who reads this and is a dad,PLEASE do not be like this to your Children.
And with that I have worked a little with my newest quilting project,got lots more to do and with everything that has happened I have really worked pretty good on it,plus almost tatting a new doily this week also.
I hope EVERYONE and DAD please get out and enjoy time with YOUR children,don't put off another day with them,you will never get this time back.

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