Sunday, June 24, 2012

Part 2

I read another blog where she put make alot of homemade decorations for parties,and with 4 granddaughters almost all the same age we had to use these ideas alot in the past 10 years. 1) Make beautiful paper flowers out of crepe paper,have alot of bright and beautiful colors to make them. 2) Make you own Pinata,take a balloon and inflate it,make your paste as below states:
  1. Make your paste. In a pot/pan mix 1 third flour with 2 thirds water. The paste should just begin to thicken. (You can also use starch.)boil the mixture (keep stirring so it does not stick to walls.) add a pinch of salt.Once it gets a putty form its done.
And tear strips of paper and soak them in the above paste and wrap around the ballon.,and if you want a shape decide before hand what it is to be.And then when dried glue colorful Crepe paper over the dried newspaper and the fill the pinata with candy and glue paper over the hole where candy was added. And this is a really great cheaper way to make one,like I said we have done this numerous of times.And use color balloons to match the rest of you decorations and streamers,and if you are crafty enough you can cut gently,designs in the crepe paper.And now you have  brightly, cheaper party decorations.Like I said WE have done this numerous of times.

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