Monday, June 18, 2012

New Week

I hope the start of a new week finds everyone doing ok.It is going to be warm here again,and with the warmer and wetter winter and start of spring,now it is hot and dry.Having to water the flowers and vegetables I have planted.I don't like having to do that,our water quality here is anything but good.
Hope that Father's out there had a better weekend than my husband,WORKED both days,he did get to spend Sunday Lunch with his daughters.So much time has went before us,and we can't get that back,it is terrible that people have to work day and night(fortunate to have one).
I haven't got much work on any project with all the kids around,and we did go to a surprise Birthday Party for a brother,he is  the big 5-0 now,lololo.
I checked my email,and that is something new for me to do first,lolo.but I saw the automatic jam and jelly maker,by PAULA DEEN ,I am going to check this out.I have Tame and Wild Blackberries to preserve in a few days and have already been looking for some new recipes to try and having something like that would come in handy,even now and when apples come in.
And yesterday my oldest granddaughter asks if I would make her a Purple Peace Sign quilt,every quilt I start  she asks for, love her heart.So  now I know what her Christmas Present is going to be.And her sister loves fleece,so I will just purchase 2 different designs and tie her a blanket,something girly.
So I hope and pray everyone has a great week ahead.I think mine is going to be better than it has been in the    past few.Stay hopeful,if I can so can you,and remember to SMILE if I can so can you.
And remember also find something good that can you make,it can be anything,but remember to search,look and find.

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