Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday and Rain,Great Rain

Another week has came and gone,and with it not much to say about it.I have  been creating with my needle tatting,no sewing,but I have got to get busy with that.
It has rained,beautiful wonderful rain.We will need more but right now my vegetables will take all they can get.Picked a few Blackberries,the dry weather has not helped them either,there are alot  to pick when they do all ripen.Have a little cucumber on my plant and the zuchinni and yellow squash  are doing good.Our tomatoes need the rain,we have small ones making and hopefully the rain will help them also.
I plan on getting out tomorrow for awhile,it is to be HOT again so I can't stand it for long periods at a time,so that means getting to browse more at my favorite shop,the Haggle Shop here at our local downtown.Hopefully new upholstery pieces will be available,even Christmas,something to have already made for the season.I have a new grandbaby due in Dec-Jan,somewhere around the New Year,and with it being my daughter's fourth,most likely around Christmas.So I have considered all that will need to be done by Thanksgiving and that has me worried,because I am slow,lololo.
But hope everyone enjoys THEIR weekend,I sure am going to try.And remember to SMILE ) it does get catchy.Hugs and Smiles to ALL for a Safe and Great Weekend!!!

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