Friday, February 17, 2012

Eventful Day

Today started out as an uneventful day,but soon changed after finding out my 11 month granddaughter was here.Her daddy,my son-in-law, had to go for another ear infection then she had an appointment for another ear infection,which she has tubes in her ears and this isn't a good thing,the one may come out,we are praying not.She would not eat anything and her head was congested.Then I got to go to my favorite 3 places,the first one was an antique shop, my daughter found a chandelier she is going to repaint for my granddaughters' room,and then to a thrift store,which proved uneventful,no furniture to repaint or repair,and then to Hobby Lobby.Now I am exhausted but going to watch a video on how to Tat.Wish me luck,lololo.The day was beautiful and sunny,which cheered  my MS up.Snow for Sunday so that will be a day of rest for sure.Have been on Pinterest and as always saw something else,  :) But anyway you guys have a safe weekend just in case someone does read this,and remember SMILE,because trust me there is always Someone who needs to see that.

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