Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ok it is Thursday,and now we are once again cold and snow showers starting Friday and the weekend.So it will be a" finish up a job long weekend",my chest of drawers.The weather is playing games with my MS it seems,trying to fight the tiredness of it and not give into it.I need to finish my Valentine cards,and got a couple to put in the mail.This year everything is hand-made,which I myself love receiving,makes the gift so much more personnel.I am going to visit some of my Blog buddies and see what you guys have for a good but easy Stew or pot pie recipes. My Red Birds still haven't been around and maybe they will be back,I sure miss them,maybe they knew it was going to be bad here and left for a few,lololo.I hope everyone has a very blessed day and rem.Smile that sure helps my day to see someone smiling.

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