Monday, February 20, 2012


One word to explain my weekend SIMPLE.Saturday started out going to my favorite Antique Store,why,because everything in on one level,making it simple for me and my MS.Got Birthday Gifts,oh yes,my youngest daughter will be 30 this week,yes I was very very young,not,lolololo her favorite piece of glassware,(carnival) and my blessed dad will be 80 tomorrow,and a TWO(2) yes 2 time cancer survivor,got him some pieces for his space,a mule blinder and an old very old saw.THEN I did LEARN to make some TATS,yes I am so excited.I can only make circles but hey they will be sewn together for my first Doily,and so excited to find something else I can create that can be SIMPLY done sitting.Then with the weather so bad yesterday,pouring rain then to snow I decided a good day to finish the Chest of Drawers.Something else I have found I can do SIMPLY by just sitting.I forgot to add that I made my own modge podge to put the upholstery on with.So just another something Simply done.And I have taken the seam out of 2 sacks that I purchased sometime back to make kitchen curtains,which I will post when completed.But most of all precious time spent with my husband. To add I just saw the Cardinals,they are back,will get a picture I am ready for them.Just remember WE can carry on our life even with something as Multiple Sclerosis.Alot of times I could give in and give up,by all means I should be in a wheel chair,but I am a fighter,must be the Scottish-Indian part of me that doesn't allow me to give in,and but above all my FAITH.I hope that this Blog is read,and I hope to show that there can be hope,it just depends on how open-minded to be and NOT give in.Hope everyone has a very Blessed DAY and WEEK,remember to Smile!!!!

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  1. Thanks for coming by and becoming a follower of my blog. I am on Pinterest, too, don't you just love it? So much to look at and it really stimulates the creative juices. I like how you did the dresser for your GD. So cute! I am going to follow you on Pinterest. Have a great week and here is my smile for you! :) Jean