Monday, February 6, 2012

Nothing like living in the Ray House

Today was better than the last few,thank goodness,got my only kitchen cabinet that needed cleaned from last spring done.lololololo Wow how can anyone accumulate so much,20 yrs of such.Then worked on project of putting upholstery on a $3.00 chest of drawers from a thrift store,now got to do the sides and top.Will put pics on here when completed.Then the topper of it all,my granddaughter that lives with us got in shower and no water pressure,oh no,well checked the lines and then had to move corner cabinet that was in front of door to the water supplies and yes when we moved it my Thomas Kinkead Gazebo fell on my daughters' head,yeah but did not break,and she used an ice pack for a few minutes,lololololololo,thank goodness there is always something happening to wake us up.I moved the Gazebo and a crystal heart shaped bowl to my room in my display cabinet.But again Life Can Be Simple or life can be boring,not here,WE JUST LOVE LIFE,even packed kitchen cabinets,gazebos falling or no water pressure,WE MAKE OUT OF LIFE WHAT WE MAKE OUT OF LIFE,and mine I do love with my family,my illness,and anything falling.

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