Monday, February 13, 2012

Watching the Chew,Reminder if anyone does read this

Watching the Chew today reminded me of the hardest job I had,yes even worse than putting up with doctors at the hospital where I worked was being a waitress,yes a waitress.If anyone does read this and gets out for Valentine's Dinner,be kind,be patient.Most waitress and waiters rely on tips,and long waits and poor service is not their doing,it is thou them that have to put up with potty mouths and rude people.So remember this Valentine's Day be nice to the wait staff,they are the ones you see,not the ones who are causing all the issues. And with that it is cold but not like yesterday,and the weather forecasters are calling for snow tonight,they can't seem to decide on just how much,guess we will wait and see in the am.Got alot done this weekend with the cold weather,well for someone who has MS that is,and think did excellent.Notice Hobby Lobby and Michaels both have great sells on their beads,so hopefully this evening I can get to either one.Preferably Hobby Lobby,but who knows,have to push where my daughter works.So hope everyone's  week has started out great and stay that way,rem. to always SMILE!!

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